6 Tips To Creating a Unique Restaurant Bathroom

restaurant bathrooms

When building a restaurant or eatery, every detail must be considered. From the glasses you use to the font on a menu, everything affects the eating experience of your customers. Like every commercial bathroom, a restaurant’s bathroom should be appealing to customers. A bad experience with the john can totally destroy a restaurant’s image.

In a bid to help restaurant owners build appealing bathrooms, we put together a list of things to look for when designing your commercial bathroom. By following these simple tips, your customers’ bathroom break will be a memorable one.

1.  Keep it Clean

Other than a poor meal, nothing ruins a restaurant experience like a crappy and dirty bathroom. From the customer’s perspective, it looks bad. They’ll likely consider, “If the bathroom is like this, then how untidy will the kitchen be?” Not the thoughts you want running through your guests’ minds.

Commercial bathrooms are expected to be flashy to some extent. One of the joys of leaving the home is not having to clean up after yourself. Restaurant customers are already in this mindset with others preparing their food and clearing their dishes.

Ensure an excellent customer experience and image by making sure things like damaged urinal partitions are replaced and stall partitions are kept in pristine condition. Creating a maintenance schedule will go a long way in making your washroom sparkle.

2.  Be Creative

Some commercial bathrooms are selfie hotspots because of the creativity they wield. Uniqueness is an artistic creation of creativity. Anyone can do it. A unique bathroom will be so astonishing that customers can’t help but talk about it. Take, for example, the Portland’s Ground Kontrol adorned their bathroom with a Pacman Mosaic and neon lighting. Who would forget that quickly? Appealing bathrooms usually an innovative edge that makes them memorable.

3.  Light it Up

It’s an awkward experience stepping into a restroom blasting with white fluorescent lights like an interrogation room. Customers are there to freshen up and be at ease. Grant your guests a more pleasant and comfy experience by fixing simple fixture and soft lighting. These make the bathroom more tranquil and peaceful.

4.  Let the Music Play

Honestly speaking, most people don’t like using restaurant bathrooms. Make guest’s experience a little less frustrating by introducing music into the flow of things. Not sure what to play? For a start, you’ll want to avoid anything too rocky – it should be a calming experience.

5.  Stay on the Restaurant Theme

If your restaurant has a general aesthetic or theme, extending the consistency to your bathroom will be of great advantage. Using Charleston Distilling Co. in North Carolina as a case study. They create bit whiskey barrels to house their washrooms. The concept won them an award.

You don’t need giant commercial bathrooms. You could create something extraordinary from restroom partitions. Restroom partitions are nice ways to style your bathroom to suit your restaurant’s theme.

6.  Understand Your Customers

For restaurants, one of the best ways to connect with your customers is by following the community trend. A matching example is Habana Outpost in Brooklyn, which plays to the community sensibilities. The café knows that its guests are all about the environment and they played this down to the toilets. The toilet flushes with rainwater that is accumulated in a large outdoor tank.  If you are a bar that plays and have rock lovers as quests, why not decorate the wall of your bathroom with some rock stars. This keeps the vibe flowing.