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Phenolic Bathroom Partitions

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Phenolic toilet partitions are among the most resilient that money can buy due to their ultra-durable material with versatile appearance options. With so many veneer and hardware options, you're sure to get the look you need for your project.
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Advanced Phenolic Material

Independent lab testing shows phenolic core partitions are among the most durable money can buy. Scratches, dents, impacts, you name it: phenolic outshines in every category.
phenolic toilet partition material

Lab-Tested Durability

Independent lab tests show the outstanding durability of phenolic toilet partitions when faced with vandalism, blunt force, and fire. These partitions can be more easily cleaned than other alternatives.
Graffiti Cleanability
Scratch Resistance
Impact Resistance
Fire Resistance
Phenolic has top-tier resilience against scratches, dents and graffiti. The material passed with flying colors when put through the wringer by ASTM-compliant tests at an independent laboratory.
When it comes to scratch resistance, phenolic is as good as it gets, with the material effectively resisting up to 22 lbs of weight on a pointed scraper that was drawn along the surface.
In lab tests, it took over 168″ inch-lbs of impact force before visible damage occurred. In another test, a phenolic partition’s door was tested with the impact of a 180lb person ramming it at full run with no significant damage occurring. It’s no surprise they come with a manufacturer 25 year warranty.
ASTM E 84-01 “Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials” analyzed the results of a gas-fed flame source applied to a phenolic panel. This ASTM standard is required by the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code® and International Building Code® for classification of Interior Wall or Ceiling Finish.

Benefits of Phenolic Partitions

Many characteristics make phenolic partitions a popular choice:
  • Phenolic solid-core construction
  • 25-year warranty
  • Ultra-Hard Graffiti-Off surface
  • Scratch-, dent-, moisture- and impact-resistant
  • 3/4-inch doors and 1/2-inch panels
  • Concealed Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Class A (1180 Series) and Class B (1080 Series) ASTM E 84 Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish Classification
  • Dozens of colors and patterns from Arborite, Formica, Wilsonart and Fundermax
  • Emergency access doors
  • Single panel width up to 72-inches for deeper stalls (Fundermax colors)
  • Hardware options like extra heavy-duty, full-height brackets and occupancy indicator latches

Browse Phenolic Partition Privacy Options

Tighter Gaps
Bobrick made-to-order partitions allow for tighter gaps compared to industry standards.
Gap-Free Option
Available on CL Phenolic or SCRC, our Gap-Free option provides no sightlines between doors and stiles.
Continuous Brackets
Bobrick continuous panel bracket option allows for no line of sight at the panel connections.
Maximum Height Option
Doors and Panels are available in 72″ standard privacy height with 4-5/16″ floor clearance. Custom heights are also available.
Phenolic Partition Height Options

Choose Phenolic Hardware 
That Match Your Needs

DuraLineSeries' standard concealed stainless steel hardware package includes barrel hinges, latch and keeper, bracket, coat hook, inswing door hardware and/or outswing door pull. Optimize your phenolic partitions with additional options below:

• Heavy-duty full-height stainless steel brackets. Add .67 suffix to 1080/1180 or 2080/2180.

• Occupancy Indicator Latch (standard with Extended privacy). Part number 1002612.
phenolic hardware

Phenolic Information & Guides

Phenolic Color Guide
Phenolic Installation Instructions
Phenolic Tech Sheets
Laminate & Phenolic Colors
Satin Stainless with Dove Grey Core 
Satin Stainless with Black Core 
Grey Grit 
Pewter Mesh
Evening Tigris
Citadel Warp
Navy Grafix
Graphite Grafix
black stone P-500-CA
Black Stone
Ice White
Light Grey 
Pearl Grey
Brushed Aluminum 0328-FH
Brushed Aluminum
Charcoal 0077-FH

Panels over 60" wide with directional patterns and finishes will be spliced, joining the two pieces on the particle board at an additional charge.

HPL colors are printed reproductions and are for descriptive purposes only. Refer to the manufacturer’s samples for absolute color fidelity. Color guides and samples are available from Fast Partitions upon request.

Innovative Phenolic Toilet Partitions

If you're looking for bathroom partitions for a commercial property, you'll want to consider phenolic partitions.
Thanks to innovative construction, phenolic toilet partitions are durable and resistant to impact. Factor in the solid, non-porous surface that's easy to clean and maintain, and you can understand why phenolic partitions have become such a popular choice.
In addition to their practical benefits, phenolic bathroom partitions also offer a range of design options, allowing for customization to suit various styles and aesthetics. Whether in a school, office building or sports facility, phenolic toilet partitions provide a reliable and long-lasting solution for restroom privacy and hygiene.
phenolic toilet partitions
phenolic restroom partitions
phenolic restroom partitions

Advantages of Phenolic Partitions Over HDPE

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) and phenolic toilet partitions are two popular options for commercial restroom stalls. While both materials offer advantages, they differ in several ways. One key difference is the composition of the material. HDPE is a type of plastic made from petroleum, while phenolic partitions are made from layers of resin-impregnated kraft paper compressed under high pressure and temperature.
Another difference between HDPE and phenolic core toilet partitions is in the durability and maintenance of the materials. An HDPE partition is resistant to moisture and bacteria, making it easy to clean and maintain. However, it's also prone to scratching and denting. In contrast, a phenolic partition is extremely durable and resistant to impact, moisture and bacteria. It's also easy to clean and maintain but may require occasional refinishing to maintain its appearance.
Finally, there is a difference in aesthetics and design options. HDPE partitions typically come in a limited range of colors and styles, while phenolic partitions offer a wide range of customization options, including different colors, textures and patterns.

Pro Tip: Check out our handy partition comparison page to see how phenolic compartments match up to other types of partitions.

Frequently Asked Questions 
About Phenolic Toilet Partitions

The following are answers to some common questions we've received about phenolic toilet partitions.
Feel free to reach out if you have additional questions that haven't been addressed here.

Are Phenolic Restroom Partitions Expensive?

The initial cost of phenolic restroom partitions is higher than other kinds of bathroom partitions. However, you'll save money over time because phenolic partitions last so much longer than other partition types.

How Thick Is a Phenolic Toilet Partition?

Our phenolic toilet partition doors are 3/4-inch wide. Panels are 1/2-inch wide.

Are Phenolic Toilet Partitions Easy to Clean?

Phenolic toilet partitions are impenetrable – soaps, detergents and other cleaners won't harm the finish. So it's easy to care for your phenolic partition without worrying about ruining its appearance.

Order Phenolic Toilet Partitions 
From Fast Partitions

Phenolic toilet partitions from Fast Partitions offer a durable and practical solution for restroom partitioning. They're resistant to moisture, vandalism and bacteria, making them ideal for high-traffic public restrooms. Whether you're renovating an existing restroom or building a new one, phenolic bathroom partitions provide a reliable and stylish solution. Order now, and we'll ship them to your site super fast!

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