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Phenolic Bathroom Partitions

Ultra-durable material with versatile appearance options

Phenolic Toilet Partitions Delivered Fast

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Our Kit Includes:

Phenolic Bathroom Stall Divider panels, Pilasters & Doors
All Necessary Installation Mounting hardware
Freight Shipping To A Commercial Address
Bobrick’s phenolic toilet partitions are among the most resilient money can buy. And with a plethora of veneer options, you’re sure to get the look you need for your project.

Advanced Phenolic Material

Independent lab testing shows phenolic core partitions are among the most durable money can buy. Scratches, dents, impacts, you name it: phenolic outshines in every category.

Lab-Tested Durability

Independent lab tests show the outstanding durability of phenolic toilet partitions when faced with vandalism, blunt force and fire.
Graffiti Cleanability
Scratch Resistance
Impact Resistance
Fire Resistance
Phenolic has top tier resilience against scratches, dents and graffiti. The material has passed with flying colors when put through the ringer by ASTM-compliant tests at an independent laboratory.
When it comes to scratch resistance, phenolic is as good as it gets, with the material effectively resisting up to 22 lbs of weight on a pointed scraper that was drawn along the surface.
In lab tests, it took over 168″ inch-lbs of impact force before visible damage occurred. In another test, a phenolic partition’s door was tested with the impact of a 180lb person ramming it at full run with no significant damage occurring. It’s no surprise they come with a manufacturer 25 year warranty.
ASTM E 84-01 “Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials” analyzed the results of a gas-fed flame source applied to a phenolic panel. This ASTM standard is required by the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code® and International Building Code® for classification of Interior Wall or Ceiling Finish.

Get the Right Material for Your Job

Standard Feature

Features :
  • Phenolic solid-core construction
  • 25 year warranty
  • Ultra-Hard Graffiti-Off Surface
  • Scratch, dent, moisture and impact-resistant
  • 3/4” Doors/stiles and ½” panels
  • Concealed Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Class A (1180 Series) and Class B (1080 Series) ASTM E 84 Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish Classification
  • Wide selection of color and pattern options by Arborite, Formica, Wilsonart and Fundermax
  • Emergency access doors
  • Single panel width up to 72” for deeper stalls (Fundermax colors)
  • Hardware options include extra heavy-duty full height brackets and occupancy indicator latches
  • Level Up With Top Tier Privacy Options
    Tighter Gaps
    Bobrick made-to-order partitions allow for tighter gaps compared to industry standards.
    Gap-Free Option
    Available on CL Phenolic or SCRC, our Gap-Free option provides no sightlines between doors and stiles.
    Continuous Brackets
    Bobrick continuous panel bracket option allows for no line of sight at the panel connections.
    Maximum Height Option
    Doors and Panels available in 72″ standard privacy height with 4-5/16″ floor clearance. Custom heights also available.
    Height Options

    Choose Hardware Options
    That Match Your Needs

    DuraLineSeries’s standard concealed stainless steel hardware package includes barrel hinges, latch and keeper, bracket, coat hook, inswing door hardware and/or outswing door pull. Optimize your design with additional options below”

    Heavy duty full height stainless steel brackets. Add .67 suffix to 1080/1180 or 2080/2180.

    Occupancy Indicator Latch (standard with Extended privacy). Part number 1002612.

    Additional Information

    Phenolic Color Guide
    Phenolic Installation Instructions
    Phenolic Tech Sheets
    Laminate & Phenolic Colors

    Panels over 60” wide with directional Patterns and finishes will be spliced, joining the 2 Pieces on the particle board at an additional charge.

    HPL colors are printed reproductions and are for descriptive purposes only. Refer to manufacturer’s samples for absolute color fidelity. Color guides and samples are available from Fast Partitions upon request.

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