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Why Proper Partition Installation is Essential for Public Restrooms

Bathroom Partitions

When it comes to the fixtures in public restrooms, proper installation is essential.

Restrooms are high-traffic areas that are open to anyone who enters your facility. All restroom elements must function, match your aesthetic, and meet legal regulations, including toilets, faucets, hand dryers, towel dispensers, and plumbing.

However, one crucial component that many people overlook is partitions.

Bathroom partitions are important for ensuring the privacy of anyone using your restrooms. They separate one urinal or toilet stall from the next and give occupants a private space in which to relieve themselves. From a legal standpoint, there are also stringent requirements governing how partitions must be constructed and installed.

Given the regulatory and safety concerns involved, attempting to handle such an important job on your own (or leaving it in the hands of an amateur) could put your business at risk of a lawsuit. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional to complete your installation.

Learn more about the importance of proper bathroom partition installation and why you should hire a professional to oversee your project.

Bathroom Partitions

Partitions fulfill both practical and aesthetic functions.

From an aesthetic standpoint, they can give your restroom a sense of luxury and refinement. On the practical side of things, they provide privacy and allow you to fit more than one toilet in a single room. 

These cost-effective partitions suit multiple restrooms, allowing you to scale your business affordably. Guests will appreciate the safe and comfortable restroom experience, benefiting your business positively.

Partitions and Protection

Let’s face it — restrooms aren’t always pleasant places.

Without going into too much detail, people usually visit the restroom for one or two specific purposes. Consequently, having enough space is paramount for your visitors’ well-being.

By closing off space from one stall to the next, partitions reduce the spread of germs and offensive odors that would otherwise spread through the atmosphere. While they don’t stop these pollutants entirely, partitions can significantly reduce the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria.

Partition walls can make your facilities much easier to maintain and provide enhanced protection to your guests. Even if a portion of your restroom only contains urinals, putting partitions between them is a great way to promote privacy and give your guests some elbow room.

Partitions and Aesthetics

Partitions also allow you to add a little aesthetic flair to your restroom, making it more visually appealing.

They’re a great way to give your restroom a contemporary look or extend the decorative characteristics of your building into another space. Since they come in various shapes, sizes, and style partitions, they will leave you with no shortage of design options.

Partitions and Safety

Since restrooms are inherently high-traffic areas, maintaining safety is essential for the health and well-being of your guests and the legal security of your business.

Hiring a professional to install partitions in restrooms with multiple toilets ensures visitor privacy during washroom use, preventing intentional or unintentional violations.

Partitions and Legality

As a business owner, you likely already understand the importance of being OSHA-compliant.

The regulations imposed by OSHA are designed to prevent illness, injury, and death by ensuring that workplaces remain safe. If an employee is hurt on the job due to an appliance, fixture, or process that doesn’t satisfy OSHA requirements, you may be vulnerable to fines or lawsuits or even have your business shut down.

Regarding public and commercial restrooms, federal law mandates that mixed-gender facilities must have 18 inches between each station. Additionally, federal law requires toilet partitions for all commercial establishments.

Ready to Work with a Professional?

Now that you understand the legal, practical, and aesthetic importance of partitions, you can schedule professional installation. Fast Partitions experts ensure compliance with federal regulations and visitor satisfaction.

Contact us today to tell us more about your project’s requirements.





January 20, 2023
Wayne Foreman

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