Toilet Partitions

Manufactured to withstand the rigors of public restrooms, each toilet partition package comes with all of the bathroom hardware you need for a complete installation. Pilaster shoes, hinges, brackets, headrails, etc. are all included. Ask about our partition material warranties from Bradley Mills and Hadrian. We strive to be the best toilet partition supplier you can find.

Pricing: From $275 - $450 Per Stall

Powder Coated Steel Toilet Partitions

Manufactured in a variety of colors with the cheapest priced material, metal toilet partitions not only guarantee variety, but quality craftsmanship and durability as well. These commercial toilet partitions are easy to install and offer easy reparability for minor scratches and defacements received in low-traffic environments, such as churches, restaurants and small businesses, while also being largely fire and rust resistant and environmentally friendly.

Quick-Ship Colors Delivered in 3-6 Business Days
Other Standard Colors Delivered in 12-18 Business Days
Anti-Graffiti Colors Delivered in 12-18 Business Days. Subject To 10% Up Charge
Special Effects Colors Delivered in 12-18 Business Days. Subject To 10% Up Charge
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Industry-best Fire Resistance

Most fire-resistant toilet partition material available.

High Recycled Content

With 50% (36% post-consumer and 14% pre-consumer) recycled content, powder coated toilet partitions are an excellent choice for environmentally sensitive projects.

Enhanced Privacy Options

Achieve maximum privacy with optional extended panels and doors as well as full height channels to completely eliminate all sightline gaps.

Beautiful, Durable Finish

Hadrian’s organic polymer powder coated finish is resistant to abrasions, chemicals, detergents and acids and is available in a wide selection of colors, including special effects and anti-graffiti options.

Bradley Corp powder coated toilet partitions are backed by the company’s longstanding reputation as a quality manufacturer. Ask our reps about Bradley’s exceptional warranty on powder-coated metal.

Cutting edge permaseal edging prevents moisture penetration and rust.

Up to 84” panel depth

Features new aluminum H-bracket design for clean looks and easy installation.

Features new redesigned pilaster shoe.

Greenguard Gold Certified

Powder coated galvannealed steel provides a great balance between durability and pricing. ASI’s powder coating is designed to be easy to clean and resistant to scuffing. Features a cellular honeycomb core, welded corners and vandal-resistant fasteners. Pilaster shoes are one-piece type 304 stainless steel with a #4 satin finish. Hemmed for rigidity and clean appearance.

Options include stainless hardware, continuous piano hinges and ASI’s Ultimate Privacy dimensions.

High Pressure Laminate Toilet Partitions

Ideal for small churches and offices, plastic laminate offers builders lots of color and pattern options from WilsonArt and Formica surfaces. High pressure laminate is highly scratch and abrasion resistant and is virtually unaffected by abrasions. It offers a great value for applications that don’t require strong moisture resistance.

Quick-Ship Colors Delivered in 3-6 Business Days
Pricing: $275 - $450 Per Stall
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Bobrick DesignerSeries HPL

Standard steel core stiles provide structural integrity. Perfect for projects with low-to-moderate budgets but demanding aesthetics.

High pressure laminate provides versatile veneer options at a high value price point.

Bobrick TrimLineSeries HPL

Another Bobrick HPL offering, TrimLineSeries offers the advantage of a stainless steel edge trim.

Bobrick Budget HPL Series

MetroSeries™ (1550), ClassicSeries® (1540) and AccentSeries™ (1530) provide great value with a variety of finish options.

Standard concealed stainless hardware

Class B ASTM E 84 Fire Rating

Through-bolted Zamak hardware; polished, chrome-plated Zamak aluminum hinges, brackets, latch and keeper

MetroSeries HPL

Price Index: $
Lead Time: 5 days

ClassicSeries HPL

Price Index: $
Lead Time: 5 days

AccentSeries HPL

Price Index: $
Lead Time: 20 days

Standard reduced-gap doors and stiles.

Pricing: From $450 - $700 Per Stall

HDPE Solid Plastic Toilet Partitions

Perfect for high-volume buildings such as schools, plastic toilet partitions are made with the most durable, damage-proof materials to suit a wide range of environments. They are highly resistant to scratching and impact and can sustain hot, cold, wet or dry environments without the risk of becoming odorous or rusty. These partitions have a much longer life span than their counterparts, and come in a variety of colors to match any bathroom scheme.

Quick-Ship Colors Delivered in 3-6 Business Days
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HDPE Plastic

Not to be confused with plastic laminate – a different kind of toilet partitions material that covers an MDF or phenolic core with plastic veneer, HDPE is the same kind of heavy duty plastic you would find in the form of a milk jug container. Now image the same strength-to-weight ratio but in an inch thick solid panel. Solid polymer offers extreme durability and total water resistance.


HDPE plastic is the favored choice by HVAC technicians and professionals due to its moisture-resistant properties. Depending on the ventilation and air conditioning of a commercial bathroom, humidity can affect

Plastic Toilet Partition Manufacturers

We offer solid plastic partitions manufactured by Hadrian, Bradley, ASI Accurate, and ASI Global. Ask our representatives which manufacturer suits your project the best.

Built to Last

Hadrian’s solid plastic toilet partitions are made from durable high density polyethylene (HDPE) material and are the ideal choice for high abuse facilities such as schools, stadiums, parks and airports. Hadrian’s partitions are designed to stand strong and overcome abuse. They will not delaminate, dent, flake, crack or break!

Uniform Color Throughout

Hadrian’s plastic material features solid color throughout, which means that minor scratches can often be successfully repaired.

Heavy-Duty Hardware

Hadrian’s heavy-duty hinges and latches resist wear and are through bolted for added strength. Fasteners are theft-proof 6-lobe security head stainless steel screws to deter vandalism.

Industry Leading Warranty

With an industry leading 25-year warranty, Hadrian is confident that its solid plastic toilet partitions will stand the test of time.


Impervious to moisture

Available with Bradley’s No-Site feature for enhanced privacy

ASTM D2197 scratch resistance; first visible scratch at 8 lbs., 8 oz

ASTM D6578 Graffiti removal/resistance

ASTM D2794 up to 192 in-lbs dent resistance


Resistant to common cleaning agents and moisture. Never needs painting. Features ASI’s “Easy-stall” type 304 stainless steel pilaster shoe which has an easily adjusted leveling bolt, true concrete anchor screws and is anchor rated at 2770 lbs. pullout strength.

Options include continuous piano hinges, continuous anodized aluminum and stainless steel brackets, and no-site privacy strips.

Phenolic Toilet Partitions

Ideal for small churches and offices, plastic laminate offers builders lots of color and pattern options from WilsonArt and Formica surfaces. High pressure laminate is highly scratch and abrasion resistant and is virtually unaffected by abrasions. It offers a great value for applications that don’t require strong moisture resistance.

Standard Colors & Patterns Single Piece Panels Available Up To 5
Standard Colors & Patterns Single Piece Panels Available Up To 6
Non-Standard Colors & Patterns
Pricing: From $275 - $450 Per Stall
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Resists moisture and bacteria. Unlike MDF-core plastic laminate, phenolic can even be used for shower stalls.

Greenguard Gold Certified

Wide range of colors/veneers available

Top tier durability

Panel depth of up to 84″

Bobrick’s compact grade laminate (phenolic core) DuraLine series is ideal for applications that need both durability and versatility.

Solidly fused matte-finished melamine surface

Integrally bonded face sheets. Standard black phenolic-resin core with Wilsonart SOLICOR color-through also available. Exceptional resistance to scratches, dents, moisture and blunt force.

3/4” doors and stiles with 1/2” panels

Class A or B ASTM E 84 Fire Rating

Standard concealed stainless barrel hinges and stainless brackets, latch and keeper.

Optional gap-free doors and stiles.

Series 1080/1180

ASI Color-Through Phenolic

Class A fire rated.

Optional continuous piano hinges
Optional Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel Brackets

ASI phenolic color-through edges are the same color as the surface.

Ask about Ultimate Privacy extended height doors and panels for an even better looking finished bathroom.

Pricing: From $700 - $900 Per Stall

Stainless Steel Toilet Partitions

A high-quality appearance crafted with some of the most durable materials in the industry, stainless steel partitions cater well to high-end commercial buildings and public restrooms alike. They are resistant to the damages of chemical cleaners and promote a sanitary bathroom environment for both low and high volume traffic. The stainless steel materials are highly flame and smoke retardant.

Standard Finishes Embossed Stainless Subject To 20% Up Charge
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Corrosion Resistant

Hadrian’s stainless steel is resistant to chemical cleaners, spray washing, and sanitizing agents.

Industry-best Fire Resistance

Most fire-resistant toilet partition material available.

High Recycled Content

With 91% (76% post-consumer and 15% pre-consumer) recycled content, stainless steel toilet partitions are an outstanding choice for environmentally sensitive projects.

Clean, Modern Appearance

Available in type 304 with a #4 brushed finish or with an embossed pattern, Hadrian’s stainless steel elevates the image of any restroom while promoting a clean, hygienic environment.

Enhanced Privacy Options

Achieve maximum privacy with optional extended panels and doors as well as full height channels to completely eliminate all sightline gaps.

Bradley stainless offers enhanced privacy options and depths up to 84” in length. Bradley also features a new aluminum H-bracket design for an even cleaner look. Corners are welded smooth and panels are seamless.

Finish options include satin brush, 5WL and even leather grain textured. All finishes wrap completely around the panel edge.

Greenguard GOLD certified.

Prized for the modern look and long-lasting appearance, ASI stainless steel is a top choice for high end bathrooms. Options include stainless steel hardware, anodized aluminum brackets, wood core and ASI’s Ultimate Privacy dimensions.

Quick Delivery

Need your bathroom partitions fast? You’ve come to the right place. Quick quoting, service and delivery is what we’re all about! We even offer express shipping options to cover those urgent deadlines.

Easy Quoting and Ordering Process

Most companies want you to sketch layouts, fax them over and then wait days for a quote. Or even worse, they estimate a quick quote and as a result don’t get you the best price. Our proprietary quoting system gives you the easiest ordering process and allows us to get you fast, accurate and reliable quotes with the best prices.

ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that public facilities accommodate those with disabilities. Title III of the act defines failure to remove architectural barriers to disabled individuals as a type of discrimination on the bases of disability. While the act was initiated in 1990, further clarity for its application to public restrooms was achieved through the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America v. The University of Michigan lawsuit which set the precedent for stadium blueprints for ADA stalls and other public facilities.

Stipulations involve having soap dispensers mounted no more than 44” from the floor, door latches that don’t require strong dexterity to operate, standard stalls with a minimum width of 60” as well as other standards designed to allow wheelchair users as individuals with other disabilities access to the restroom.

Less Common Materials

Bobrick SierraSeries SCRC

Bobrick’s solid color reinforced composite is a unique material solution for those looking for solid, color-through material to fit high traffic applications like schools.

¾” doors and stiles with ½” panels

Resistant to scratches, dents and moisture

Class B ASTM E 84 Fire Rating

Panel-to-stile brackets, keeper and robe hook are through-bolted

Series 1090 and 2090

Fiberglass-Reinforced Polyester (FRP)

Special-Lite restroom partitions are made of FRP and are the single best choice when durability is the top priority. While we offer a number of different vandal resistant and moisture-proof partitions, fiberglass reinforced polyester panels are on a whole new level. At half the weight of HDPE, FRP face sheets are virtually impervious to abuse. We highly recommend FRP for applications like public parks and other facilities where vandalism and abuse are likely to go unchecked for extended periods of time.

Custom fabricated • Non-corrosive materials • Tamper-resistant fasteners • Through-colored SpecLite 3® FRP face sheets • Extruded 1-piece aluminum pilaster shoes • Unique ADA self-closing gravity hinge with slide function • 6063-T6 extruded aluminum alloy • Meets NFPA 286 Standard • Aluminum is Class 1, Clear Anodized • Class A or Class C FRP face sheet available • Floor mounted and overhead-braced configurations • Panels are 1.25” thick • Pilasters are 1.25” thick

Shop Toilet Partitions with Confidence

OUR MISSION here at Fast Partitions is to service you, the contractor, building owner or handyman with high-quality bathroom partitions at an amazing value. While most companies impose minimum orders, we can help you order one bathroom stall or twenty. If you run into any issues, we have a large help center to provide you with how-to guides, detailed installation instructions, and anything else you might need to get the job done right.

We Only Use Quality Brands

Other online suppliers use cheap toilet partition brands that take shortcuts in manufacturing. From corner clips, cheap paint, and crappy packaging, other manufacturers take shortcuts that save them money but cost you in the long run. We stand behind Hadrian Toilet Partitions and their industry reputation for quality and exceptional warranties.

Complete Your Restroom Project with Accessories

There’s more to a bathroom installation than toilets, pipes, and partitions. Add essential components like toilet paper dispensers, feminine hygiene disposal, ADA-compliant grab bars, and more to complete the project. Our comprehensive inventory and replacement parts are just a phone call away.

Large Inventory of Toilet Partition Parts

Bathroom stalls are a surprisingly customized product. Fortunately, we have a specialized team of experts who can help you assemble a full order that includes the parts and sizes you’ll need at the job site with all the hardware for a complete installation.

Free Commercial Freight Delivery on all orders. 3-6 days standard.

We offer great prices on commercial restroom stalls, accessories, and hardware. All from brands that you can trust.


Fast Partitions is the leading wholesale distributor of Hadrian partitions. The materials Hadrian offers include:

  • Solid Plastic (HDPE)
  • Powder Coated Metal
  • Stainless Steel

You can’t go wrong with Hadrian’s quality. Their exceptional warranty speaks volumes about their durability and reliability.


Bobrick has a versatile selection of toilet partitions in addition to being the foremost leader in the commercial bathroom accessories market. Our Bobrick lines include the following partitions:

  • High-Pressure Plastic Laminate
  • Phenolic
  • Solid Color Reinforced Composite (SCRC)

Bradleycorp (formerly known as Bradley Mills) is a renowned manufacturer of washroom accessories as well as toilet divider walls in a variety of materials. Ask our representatives about their exciting line of opaque enameled glass toilet partitions for ultra high end applications.

ASI Accurate

ASI Accurate (the same company as Global Partitions) is a reliable and fast manufacturer of toilet stall walls and bathroom accessories.

A Leading Bathroom Stall Distributor

Fast Partitions is the leading online source to buy toilet partitions & bathroom partitions made from high-quality powder-coated metal, solid plastic and other materials.

Our proprietary quoting tool allows contractors to quickly input project specifications to get a pricing estimate without the hassle of faxing layouts.

If you don’t see what you need, our toilet partition experts can walk you through any questions or problems. Our effort to simplify lets us provide our customers with industry low prices and fast shipping times through our network of distribution warehouses delivering daily.