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Restroom Stall Doors

The need for well-built, durable restroom stall doors is undeniable. Fast Partitions stands ready to provide your building or worksite with the perfect bathroom stalls and restroom stall doors for your project.

Do you need a restroom stall door for new construction or to replace doors in existing commercial restroom stalls? Whatever your specs may be, we have the solution. Our doors are made of several different materials to accommodate various conditions and uses. Whether you need low-cost doors for restroom stalls in a small office or heavy-duty doors for a high-traffic warehouse restroom, we can provide you with the products that are best suited to your location.

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The Trusted Brand Names That Built Our Restroom Stalls

We firmly believe in providing you with the best-quality restroom stall door at the most affordable price.
You can feel confident knowing your doors are manufactured by some of the most respected names in the industry, including Hadrian and Bobrick. The real value of the restroom stalls we sell becomes apparent in the long run – because you won't need to replace them for a very long time.
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Restroom Stall Doors
Restroom Stall Doors
Restroom Stall Doors

Choosing the Best Materials for Restroom Stall Doors

Ceco security doors can be customized with glass kits, louvers and other features to fit the specific needs of each location. They're an excellent choice for any commercial or industrial building with high-traffic areas where reliable doors call for enhanced protection against intruders, fire and extreme weather conditions. Following are some of the commercial and industrial settings where Ceco metal doors are used:

Powder-Coated Steel: Provides exceptional quality for the money. Ideal for restroom stalls in low-traffic areas.
HPL: High-Performance Laminate (HPL) doors have a plywood core and laminated exterior. Designed for restrooms that experience minimal wear and tear.
Phenolic: Made with phenolic resin, these doors are well-suited to locations that experience high moisture, such as locker rooms.
HDPE Solid Plastic: Solid plastic restroom stall doors are highly scratch- and impact-resistant, so they can handle the demands of a high-volume environment.
Phenolic: Made with phenolic resin, these doors are well-suited to locations that experience high moisture, such as locker rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Restroom Stall Doors

We've answered some common questions about restroom stall doors. Please call us if you need more information about any of our products.

What Do I Need to Know Before Ordering Restroom Stall Doors?

When selecting doors, it's essential to consider whether you plan to install inswing or outswing doors and whether they need to open using the right or left hand. Restrooms with multiple stalls often have doors configured in different ways. For example, you may have four left-hand/inswing doors for regular stalls and one ADA stall with a right-hand outswing door and an extended handle.

Do You Have Commercial Toilet Accessories for Sale?

Yes, we make it easy to get bathroom & toilet accessories for your commercial washroom. Like all our products, our toilet accessories ship super fast.

Are Your Restroom Stall Doors ADA Compliant?

Public facilities are required by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) to accommodate people with disabilities. The ADA restroom stall doors we sell – and all of our applicable products – comply with these regulations.

We Ship Your Restroom Stall Doors Fast & Right

Fast Partitions pledges to get your doors to you in spec and on time at a great price. Whether you need one door for a restroom stall or one hundred doors for a major installation, we can get you what you need. And if you're looking for restroom stall hardware or you want to order a towel bar, our Customer Service Team will be happy to help. Go ahead and build a quote, and we'll get going on your project today!
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Restroom Stall Doors
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