Fast Partitions

Where are you located?

While our offices are just outside of Nashville TN, we ship our partitions from Mentor Ohio, Phoenix Arizona, Chicago Illinois, and Atlanta Georgia depending on the manufacturer.

Do you install?

No, we are an online vendor who provides bathroom stalls and accessories with some of the fastest lead times and most competitive pricing in the industry. We recommend that you hire a plumbing contractor or general contractor for your installation. The installer needs to have experience drilling into concrete and tile work.

Do you know someone who installs?

We do not have anyone that works for Fast Partitions that does installation. In some instances we have relationships with contractors who have purchased from us previously, have shown us their work, and are willing to quote installations for our customers in certain geographic areas. As this list is constantly changing and for reasons of privacy, we do not publish their information but once you purchase from us, we will contact them and if they are available, we will then share their contact info with you. At that point, all work is based on negotiation between you and the installer. If you are a qualified installer and would be interested in taking on additional projects, we would be glad to talk with you. Please send us your contact info and pics of recent installations. We cannot guarantee future business but we are always looking for relationships with licensed contractors.


Ordering Tip:

To keep up with your project or projects we use Quote numbers. Each project (not bathroom) should be done on a different quote and we will ask you for that quote number whenever you call. If you need to make changes to your project drawings, please do not create another quote - call us and let us modify that quote.

Payment Terms

Most customers choose to pay us with credit card or check. We do understand that large business sometimes require payment terms. If you're interested in a credit line with Fast Partitions, please contact your sales rep for a credit application.

Delivery & Pickups

What should I do when the partitions arrive?

We strongly encourage you to inspect the toilet partitions both on the outside and beneath the packaging for signs of damage before the delivery driver leaves. If there is minor damage, notate this on the delivery receipt and we will replace it at no charge. In the event the shipment is not in the original box, please refuse the shipment. Before installing, inventory all items against the packing list and take pictures of the hardware kits while they're still in the bags. For missing hardware claims, we will ask for these pictures as proof the item was missing prior to the installation. If you do misplace a hardware item, don't worry, we offer replacements at cost.

Why do you want me to do an inventory?

Inventory is very important as it safeguards you in the event something is missing. This provides clear evidence that a part never showed up. If you wait 6 months to install, who's to say someone didn't steal it or misplace it? Honest hardware policies help us keep our prices low.

Can I pick up the partitions?

Local pickup in either the Phoenix AZ or Mentor Ohio area is available with prior arrangements. Please call us if you are interested in local pickup.


Do you offer overnight shipping?

While we do have an expedite option to ship your order a day sooner, we do not offer an overnight shipping option. Partitions are normally shipped freight from one of our manufacturing locations by any of several trucking companies we contract with. In some cases the final delivery is made by a local carrier they have a relationship with. While we do our best to see that your order gets to you in a timely fashion, we cannot control all the variables in the trucking industry. As a rule, we do not offer expedited shipping as it is cost prohibitive often exceeding the price of the partitions themselves.