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ASI Accurate Partitions

Experience ASI Accurate Partitions' superior quality, durability and innovative designs.

Accurate Partitions produces some of the most reputable bathroom partitions in the industry. As part of the ASI Group, Accurate Partitions leverages its vast experience to provide a comprehensive range of partition solutions. ASI Accurate toilet partitions include the materials, colors and finishes to meet diverse architectural and design needs.

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ASI accurate partitions
ASI power coated metal accurate partitions

Powder Coated Metal

Starting from $375 per Partition
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ASI solid plastic accurate partitions

Solid Plastic

Starting from $450 per Partition
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ASI stainless steel accurate partitions

Stainless Steel

Starting from $700 per Partition
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Starting from $750 per Partition
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Starting from $450 per Partition
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Why Order Accurate Partitions From Us?

Fast Partitions offers 3-6 days of fast nationwide delivery in addition to our unmatched customer service. Each Accurate partition kit includes parts and accessories needed for easy installation. Due to our high volume and industry reputation, we are able to provide customers with industry-low prices through our network of distribution warehouses.
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Super Fast Shipping
Strategically placed warehouses (Arizona, Ohio, Georgia) allow us to get your partitions to the job site fast!
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Our knowledgable, professional, and helpful agents ensure that your project runs smoothly.
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Your Best Source for Accurate Toilet Partitions

ASI, the maker of Global and Accurate Partitions, has been a mainstay in the Division 10 commercial bathroom industry since 1957.

ASI offers a wide selection of toilet partition materials plus commercial bathroom accessories like hand dryers and paper towel dispensers.

Fast Partitions is pleased to provide you with these high-quality ASI Accurate toilet partitions. We're dedicated to getting you the washroom products you need, including Accurate partition accessories. We've got the materials necessary to complete your restroom, whether it's new construction or a renovation – in a manufacturing plant, business office, sports facility or other public building.

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ASI accurate partitions
ASI accurate partitions
ASI accurate partitions

Get the ASI Accurate Partitions Advantage

ASI Accurate Partitions is the foremost HDPE (high-density polyethylene) toilet partition manufacturer. HDPE is perhaps the greatest value partition material on the market – it's the perfect balance between durability and price. Dedicated to manufacturing excellence, the ASI Group offers comprehensive washroom solutions, expertly designing, engineering and manufacturing washroom partitions. Their state-of-the-art partitions transform every bathroom or locker room, thereby enhancing the overall quality of your building.

ASI Accurate Partitions meet or exceed LEED and ADA requirements. Choose from Accurate partition products in these materials:

Powder-Coated Steel
Stainless Steel
Solid Plastic
Phenolic (both black-core and color-thru)
Plastic Laminate

Frequently Asked Questions About ASI Accurate Partitions

Want to learn more about ASI Accurate Partitions? Following are some of the questions we've received about ASI Accurate toilet partitions.

Please let us know if you have additional concerns.

Are Accurate Toilet Partitions Suitable for High-Traffic Areas?

Accurate toilet partitions are designed to be durable and robust, making them ideal for high-traffic areas such as public restrooms, schools and commercial buildings.

Do You Carry ASI Bathroom Stall Hardware?

ASI Accurate toilet partitions deserve the best hardware. We offer ASI ADA-compliant door kits and hardware, such as bathroom stall locking mechanisms, brackets, hinges and more. Don't forget essential accessories like coat hangers to complete the project. Our friendly staff can help ensure you've got all the parts you need for your ASI bathroom stall installation.

How Does ASI Accurate Partitions Contribute to Sustainability?

ASI Accurate Partitions manufactures a variety of partitions with high percentages of recycled material, excellent fire ratings and even graffiti resistance, all at a high-value price point. They also work to reduce waste and energy use in their manufacturing processes.

Accurate Toilet Partitions at Great Prices, Delivered Fast

Fast Partitions provides the best price plus speedy delivery on all Accurate toilet partitions. Browse our selection and choose the one that's the best fit for your restroom project. If you're looking for high-pressure phenolic partitions or phenolic toilet partition manufacturers, check out our Bobrick toilet partitions on our toilet partitions overview page.
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