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What are Bathroom Partitions?

Bathroom partitions (or bathroom stalls) are enclosures that provide privacy to occupants of public restrooms. They usually consist of 62″ deep metal panels secured to the floor by pilasters on either side of a 32” wide door. Partitions can also be headrail-braced to provide additional stability. Urinal dividers are individual panels secured to the wall for the purpose of blocking sight between urinals.

Bathroom partition kits include hardware components such as brackets, hinges and locking hardware. The material of choice depends on the user’s durability and moisture-resistance requirements.

How Much do Bathroom Partitions Cost?

Because bathroom partitions are made to order, there is no consistent way to price them other than getting a quote from a distributor that takes your project’s measurements and materials into account. When comparing prices for partitions, make sure that you have accurate measurements for your project and include all restrooms in your quote. Sometimes contractors will assume that if they double the cost of a single restroom it will give them an accurate price for two. However, due to bulk pricing and freight savings you’ll get a much better deal if you add everything to the quote altogether.

You can get a quote from Fast Partitions instantly by using our proprietary quoting tool.

What Is the Best Material for Toilet Partitions?

Toilet partitions are most commonly made of one of the following materials:

  1. High-Pressure Laminate
  2. Powder Coated Metal
  3. High-Density Polyethylene (aka solid plastic)
  4. Phenolic Resin
  5. Stainless Steel

While there isn’t a single best material for every project, the best overall value for toilet partitions is solid HDPE plastic. Why? Because they strike a good balance between price, looks, and durability. It’s not the most expensive but they are among the most durable. Solid plastic offers considerably more moisture and vandalism resistance than painted metal for not too much more money. Hadrian plastic stalls come with rust-resistant hardware out of the box. And while phenolic is more scratch-resistant, plastic doesn’t come at the same premium phenolic does.

Other kinds of restroom dividers exist but are extremely uncommon. The most popular type of bathroom partition is powder-coated metal. They are a common choice because they offer good durability to price ratio. They are prone to scratches but can be repaired with special touched-up kits. Other materials are more expensive but may offer longer warranties due to more durable materials. You may be surprised to find that plastic is one of the highest quality materials you can get for bathroom partitions. This is because plastic dividers are usually made of solid panels (as opposed to stainless and powder-coated metal which are hollow inside) which makes it extremely scratch and dent resistant. The most expensive material you can find is stainless steel. While it isn’t as durable as solid plastic, it arguably has the best appearance of all the bathroom partition types.

What Are Phenolic Toilet Partitions?

Phenolic (or phenol-formaldehyde) resin is a product of the aromatic organic compound phenol and formaldehyde. As a resin, it can be combined with layers of paper and treated with heat and pressure to create an extremely durable and moldable material. The word “paper” may not inspire confidence in a material’s durability. But phenolic is one of the most resilient materials you can choose for partitions. For reference, phenolic is the same type of material that billiard balls are made out of. Once the resin fully polymerizes with the paper substrate, the resulting material is virtually indestructible.

What is the Standard Size of a Bathroom Stall?

Standard stalls are typically 60” deep x 36” wide. Handicapped stalls are normally 60” deep x 60” wide with a minimum width of 32” for the door. However, the number of variations for bathroom stall configurations is nearly endless once additional factors are taken into account like wall tiling, plumbing fixtures, HVAC ventilation, etc.

What About Fire Ratings?

When considering the fire-resistance ratings of your toilet partitions (class A, B, or C with A being the best), you’ll want to keep in mind the type of fire resistance they are intended for.

The type of fire resistance restroom dividers can have is called “passive structural fire protection.” This is a fancy way of saying that it should slow the spread of fire through compartmentalization, allowing more time for occupants to evacuate the building.
Different types of restroom stall dividers have different levels of fire resistance. One might think that metal is invulnerable to fire, but even metal could theoretically emit toxic fumes from the paint or coating when exposed to fire. Fortunately, Hadrian brand bathroom partitions have been tested to ensure they do not emit any harmful fumes when exposed to fire.

Which Bathroom Stall Manufacturers Do You Distribute For?

We offer great prices on commercial restroom stalls, accessories, and hardware. All from brands that you can trust.

Hadrian Manufacturing

Fast Partitions is the leading wholesale distributor of Hadrian toilet partitions. The materials Hadrian offers include:

  • Solid Plastic (HDPE)
  • Powder Coated Metal
  • Stainless Steel

You can’t go wrong with Hadrian’s quality. Their exceptional warranty speaks volumes about their durability and reliability.

Bobrick Manufacturing

Bobrick has a versatile selection of toilet partitions in addition to being the foremost leader in the commercial bathroom accessories market. Our Bobrick lines include the following materials:

  • High-Pressure Plastic Laminate
  • Phenolic
  • Solid Color Reinforced Composite (SCRC)

Shop Commercial Restroom Toilet Stalls and Accessory Components

We also offer commercial restroom accessory components like hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, feminine hygiene disposal, soap dispensers, and more. Get a complete bathroom buildout from us today!
Get the right supplies you need for your commercial bathroom project. We use Hadrian as well as Bobrick brand toilet stalls for their premium tamper-resistant materials. All on a timeline that meets your project schedule. Contractors and facility managers love our bathroom partitions!
Some of our bathroom partitions have industry topping 25-year manufacturer warranties – an outstanding promise that only top-notch products can deliver on. Contract builders need the best materials to keep projects going smoothly and on schedule.

Hardware Included

We include all the latches, locks, hinges, screws, and other hardware pieces required to install your new toilet partitions.

Why Fast Partitions Is A Leading Bathroom Stall Distributor

Fast Partitions is the leading online source to buy toilet partitions, and bathroom partitions made from high-quality powder-coated metal, solid plastic, and materials.

Our proprietary quoting tool allows contractors to quickly input project specifications to get a pricing estimate without the hassle of faxing layouts.

If you don’t see what you need, our toilet partition experts can walk you through any questions or problems. Our effort to simplicity lets us provide our customers with industry low prices and fast shipping times through our network of distribution warehouses delivering daily to AtlantaChicagoLos AngelesMiami & Ft.LauderdaleHoustonDallas Fort WorthNew YorkDenverSeattleSan FranciscoWashington DC, and Toronto. We also ship internationally to Canada, Mexico, and offer port delivery anywhere across the globe.

Guys Like Privacy Too! Get A Urinal Divider.

Looking for just a urinal partition to replace a broken one in your bathroom? We have those too!

Shop Toilet Partitions With Confidence

The mission here at Fast Partitions is to service you, the contractor, building owner, or handyman with high-quality bathroom partitions at an amazing value. While most companies impose minimum orders, we can help you order one bathroom stall or twenty. If you run into any issues, we have a large help center to provide you with how-to guides, detailed installation instructions, and anything else you might need to get the job done right.

We Only Use Quality Brands

Other online suppliers use cheap toilet partition brands that take shortcuts in manufacturing. From corner clips, cheap paint, and crappy packaging, other manufacturers take shortcuts that save them money but cost you in the long run. We stand behind Hadrian Toilet Partitions and their industry reputation for quality and exceptional warranties.

Complete Your Restroom Project With Accessories

There’s more to a bathroom installation than toilets, pipes, and partitions. Add essential components like toilet paper dispensers, feminine hygiene disposal, ADA-compliant grab bars, and more to complete the project. Our comprehensive inventory and replacement parts are just a phone call away.

Large Inventory of Toilet Partition Parts

Bathroom stalls are a surprisingly customized product. Fortunately, we have a specialized team of experts who can help you assemble a full order that includes the parts and sizes you’ll need at the job site with all the hardware for a complete installation.

Need Help On Your Design Specifications?

Our friendly support team can quickly get you up to speed on what needs to be done for your project. We’ll make sure you’ve got properly sized panels, ADA-compliant stall dimensions, materials that meet your fire code requirements, and LEED specifications.

We carry Hadrian, Bobrick, and Accurate. These top manufacturers of toilet partition hardware are now in stock. Years of experience and familiarity with all manufacturers help you choose the right parts for your stall. We’ve worked with thousands of repairmen, facility managers, and contractors to find the right replacement part for their original stall dividers. Our expert staff is available to plan and order your next bathroom project!


Powder Coated Metal

Exceptional Quality On Any Budget

Offering the cheapest priced material, quality construction, and a wide variety of colors to match any bathroom, metal partitions are the most popular bathroom stalls on the market. For most buildings that don’t see a lot of traffic, metal offers a great value for churches, restaurants and small businesses.

Metal partitions are one of the most lightweight partitions on the market, rendering them easy and efficient to install. Minor damages such as scratches and defacement can be effortlessly repaired, while being environmentally responsible and largely fire and rust resistant.

HDPE Solid Plastic

Extreme Durability In Demanding Environments

With an affordable material cost and high level of durability, plastic bathroom partitions are ideal in a wide range of building environments. These work particularly well with buildings in which there are large quantities of people, such as schools or restaurants. The durability and material quality of the plastic partitions are manufactured to sustain the wear-and-tear of a high-volume environment, as well as hot, wet, dry or cold atmospheric conditions.

Along with being highly scratch and impact resistant, these partitions are widely offered with warranties to guarantee a longer life span. Additionally, unlike its metal counterpart, plastic partitions will not need regular paint touch-ups and are less likely to absorb excessive odors that come with high amounts of traffic.

Stainless Steel

When Luxury & Cleanliness Counts

One of the highest quality bathroom partitions on the market, stainless steel combines the durability of plastic partitions with the sleek, high-end finish of metal.

Ideal for high profile installations and public restrooms alike, the material quality of stainless steel with keep walls and doors from chipping and are virtually unaffected by chemical cleaners. Stainless steel partitions also resist the spread of flames and smoke and promote a sanitary environment, making them perfect for commercial properties with high concentrations of people.

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