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Glass Toilet Partitions

A New Standard in Luxury and Privacy

Lucent Series Glass Bathroom Stalls

If you want the most exceptional bathroom partitions money can buy, look no further than Bradley’s Lucent Series enameled glass. Enameled tempered glass brings light to the restroom and creates an open, airy and elegant atmosphere. Features include:
  • Lucent Series Exclusive Door Hinge and Hardware Operation
  • Elegant option in enameled tempered glass that's 100% recyclable
  • Modern minimalist design that's optimal for high-end applications
  • Flush surface construction that creates light and airy space
  • Maintenance-free, quiet, 180° gravity slow-close hinge (not finger protection)
  • Optional hydraulic hinge available
  • Lucent Series glass toilet partitions don’t have to sacrifice durability for beauty. While glass may sound fragile, Lucent series partitions are made of tempered glass that's easy to clean, graffiti-resistant and polished smooth for aesthetics and safety.
    Common applications include high-end hotels, restaurants and office buildings.
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    Architectural Beauty in Commercial Bathrooms

    There is nothing like opaque glass toilet partitions to bring a ‘wow’ factor to upscale bathrooms. Bradley Lucent Series toilet partitions are among the best money can buy. Facility Managers will appreciate that they are long-lasting and easy to clean while owners and patrons will appreciate the distinct architectural beauty they lend to the room. Reflective but opaque material creates an open and airy aesthetic to what can otherwise be a claustrophobic-feeling environment without sacrificing privacy or functionality.

    While glass might sound fragile, Lucent partitions are extremely strong and safe for commercial use. Vitreous enamel paint is scratch resistant and designed with volume in mind. Edges are carefully polished smooth for safety and appearance. In addition to nine elegant colors that come standard, virtually any RAL custom color can be achieved to match your exact architectural vision.
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    Bradley Glass Toilet Partition Hardware

    Lucent Exclusive Door and Hinge Operation
    Lucent glass partitions feature doors with fixed headrail via a self closing hinge system. The bottom hinge directly attaches to the floor with a sleek, European-inspired design. The result is smooth and reliable door operation.

    Stainless steel brackets connect the panels to pilasters. Flush-fitted round stainless rosettes and cover plates hide screw connections inside and outside. The result is not only aesthetically optimal but also easy to clean.
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    Additional Information

    Glass Colors
    Specification Guidelines
    Example of Stall Width Dimensions – Top View
    Set Stall Height Dimensions – Front View
    Examples of Stall Depth Dimensions – Side View


    Scratch-proof, tempered glass with ceramic screen printing is 0.4 inches(10 mm) thick and fitted to stainless steel connecting brackets and fittings. A stainless steel headrail runs along the top and is recessed by 4.6 inches(118 mm). Each dividing wall uses 6 brackets to connect to the front panel and are secured using flush-fitting, stainless steel rosettes. Three stainless steel brackets connect the panel to the wall. Materials are resistant to stains and corrosion.

    Panels, Doors & Pilasters

    Panels are 0.4 inches (10 mm) thick and constructed from tempered glass that is resistant to stains and corrosion. All corners are polished smooth for aesthetic and safety purposes. Doors include an individual coat hook and door bumper.

    Door Hardware

    Optional self-closing (hydraulic) hinges available featuring a soft-close function, ensuring a silent close. The standard hinge is a pivot hinge, using stainless steel brackets that act as a pivot point connected to the floor and headrail. Stainless steel door knob has an easyto-maneuver paddle built into the locking wheel on the inside. A white/red indication latch and emergency unlocking feature is integrated on the outside of the door knob.


    Stirrup-type brackets and aluminum door strips provided.


    Feet are constructed of stainless steel and are recessed back 4.7 inches (120 mm) on dividing panels.


    Standard height of 85.1 inches (2162 mm) including 1.97-inch (50 mm) clearance. Glass panels end at 84.6 inches (2150 mm). Existing base tile must be less than 2.2inches (50 mm) high.


    An aluminum headrail runs 4.7 inches (120 mm) recessed along the top of the front wall to lend stability to the system.

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