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A Blog About Bathroom Stalls And Our Experiences


It’s summer and a lot more people than usual are thinking about vacations and traveling to far of locales. We thought it would be helpful for us to reach out to a couple of well traveled experts to get their insights on the secrets of bathrooms in their travels. We got insights from three travel […]

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Whenever you are considering renovating your home or commercial building a lot of attention goes to the living spaces. In the home it’s the Kitchen and in the workplace it can be the lobby. The reason is simple – that’s where the people and congregate, but not only that it’s where the impressions are solidified. […]

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The self-driving community in the valley looks like a mess of genius. There are numerous intertwined partnerships between startups and investors. Tech companies, mapmakers and automakers all intermix into the confusion. Amid the chaos of interlinking collaborations, one brilliant team of engineers stands out with a promising edge. In the self-driving race, Drive.AI has been […]

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Privacy level is an essential factor to be considered when designing any bathroom. Bathrooms windows are the first step to provide privacy and to allow natural lighting through. Bathrooms sometimes sport huge windows that are plain. Without the right tweaks and add-ons, this can violate your restroom privacy, leaving the insides exposed. Bathroom windows go […]

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Technology learning has been moving forward exponentially, and it’s mind-boggling. To the excitement of industry leaders, the world of artificial intelligence has been advancing particularly fast in recent months. Researchers are developing robots that can teach themselves. For the swiftly-approaching future, people are worried about their jobs. A Pew Research study found that 65% of […]

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