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Are you losing time on poor quality prospects that will never become clients? Doing jobs for prices that are too low? Losing good ones because prospects aren’t convinced of the value you are able to bring? Even if you are already busy, signs like these may indicate you might be able to benefit from spending […]

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Tired of constantly repairing or replacing your bathroom fixtures? If so, you’re likely not incorporating the right materials. While some metals may boast cheaper prices and flashier styles, they don’t always last long. With these methods helping to guide your next bathroom fixture choices you’ll be able to keep your faucets looking better and lasting […]

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What is the Americans with Disabilities Act? (ADA) The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a mandate that prohibits discrimination against those who suffer from disabilities. All new commercial facilities and places of public accommodation must be constructed and designed to be useable and accessible by all disabled persons. All structurally practicable facilities constructed must […]

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No one likes a smelly restroom. Having an unpleasant smell defeats the purpose of feeling comfortable while resting to do what you need to do or as nature intends. The average visitor will use 4 of, his or her, 5 senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell)  to determine the quality of the bathroom visit. When […]

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Make Time For All Your Business’ Miscellaneous Tasks It may seem counter intuitive to first focus on the miscellaneous tasks, however there are many advantages to having a great process for managing the hundreds of miscellaneous tasks involved with owning a business. By making time for your miscellaneous tasks you’re able to successfully focus on […]

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