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How Thick Are Bathroom Stall Panels?

How Thick Are Bathroom Stall Panels? The importance of a high-quality commercial bathroom partition is essential. When we are away from home, we look to bathroom stalls to provide us with an adequate amount of comfort and privacy. That is why choosing the right bathroom partition walls for your business is crucial and contributes to…

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Restroom Divider Walls for Restaurants: Which Material Is Best?

Perhaps you’re a restaurant owner who is looking to redesign the bathroom with updated sinks, toilets, and divider walls.  Or, you’re an entrepreneur interested in the culinary arts, wanting to invest in a small cafe and researching the necessary elements needed to make renovations.  Regardless of your circumstances, knowing what material suits your needs will…

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What Are the Types of Bathroom Stalls?

There are many types of bathroom stalls for home and commercial bathroom types. Here’s everything you need to know about bathroom stall types.  Home Bathroom Partitions While not really stalls, res…

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A Guide to Shower Stall Partitions

Shower stall partitions are a mainstay in public facilities, ranging from dorms to locker rooms. They’re not merely dividers but essential pieces for adding privacy. The partitions influence the use…

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How to Clean Bathroom Partitions 

If you run or manage a business, you already know that cleaning your bathrooms on a regular basis is a fact of life. The quality of your bathrooms speak of you and your values. Run-down partitions can…

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Facility Security Resources

A Facility Security Plan is a critical component of an effective security program. The guidelines contained in this document are based on recognized industry best practices and provide broad recommend…

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Expert Tips for Contractors

Are you losing time on poor quality prospects that will never become clients? Doing jobs for prices that are too low? Losing good ones because prospects aren’t convinced of the value you are able to…

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