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Many bathroom designers recommend adding a touch of green to public and personal bathroom settings. A healthy growing plant can make even a corporate bathroom scene feel calm and provide an overall theme of growth. However, growing plants indoors can be tricky if you don’t use the right variety. So here are a few simple […]

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Public Schools Need to employ these 4 tips to help prevent childhood illness   With the 2017-2018 flu season already breaking records across the country, public schools are in desperate need of these simple steps to help prevent the spread of illness among young students. Foot Operated Door Openers Probably one of the most beneficial […]

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Any business owner or commercial property owner will tell you that the bathrooms of any particular building could easily be deemed as one of the most important features in a public place. The simple fact of the matter is, without the proper restroom facilities, everything about a place of business and how it functions can […]

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Solid Plastic vs. Stainless Steel vs Powder Coated Metal When building a public or commercial bathroom, the partition material is typically one of the most overlooked elements. At first sight, toilet partitions purpose is only to provide privacy, making the visual appeal the only thing you must consider. By default, the majority of our customers […]

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The concept of “desperate times calling for desperate measures” has always been somewhat of a social more throughout history, and has, more modernly, become the theme of the hour in most current events news. By definition, the popular idiom mandates that when faced with dire circumstances, taking equally dire action is necessary to survive. It […]

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