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It might be surprising but there is actually a lot that you need know about bathrooms if you’re a small business owner. Aside from the from your storefront, your facilities restroom can have an outsized impact on your customer’s perception of your business. If your floors are sticky, your toilet partitions are improperly installed and […]

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According to the 2017 Healthy Handwashing Survey from Bradley Corporation: It is businesses who either pay the ultimate price for having unpleasant bathroom conditions, or, reap the rewards and benefits for having an ideal bathroom experiences. Restrooms are everywhere, but they are not created equally. Close to 70% of Americans responded to the 2017 Healthy […]

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Vandalism and public bathrooms are a traditional mix for every adolescent child, and even some adults who are still adolescent at heart. We certainly don’t condone vandalism since it can certainly impact customer’s perceptions of your bathroom and business. However, every so often some really interesting thing scribblings can be found among the scratches, sharpie […]

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We all know as well as anyone that aesthetics and overall quality and durability are equal power players when constructing a bathroom design. Many of us have had one too many borderline-traumatic experiences with murky, vandalized, odorous public restrooms and know that all these problems are tied back to what types of materials are used, […]

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Many bathroom designers recommend adding a touch of green to public and personal bathroom settings. A healthy growing plant can make even a corporate bathroom scene feel calm and provide an overall theme of growth. However, growing plants indoors can be tricky if you don’t use the right variety. So here are a few simple […]

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