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Business Bathroom Etiquette 101

Shared Spaces & Bathroom Etiquette We’ve all been in a situation where we’re in a shared restroom at the office and we notice an extremely foul odor, a person hogging the urinal for which seem…

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Toilets in foreign places

Why Comfort in the Bathroom Stall Matters

A Comfortable Bathroom Environment As we further progress as a society, our technology expands, our outreach capabilities expand, and our general capability to complete previously difficult tasks expa…

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Surprising Insights About Bathrooms & Travel

It’s summer and a lot more people than usual are thinking about vacations and traveling to far of locales. We thought it would be helpful for us to reach out to a couple of well traveled experts…

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How Bathrooms Affect More Than Just Value

Whenever you are considering renovating your home or commercial building a lot of attention goes to the living spaces. In the home it’s the Kitchen and in the workplace it can be the business landsc…

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four key areas, functionality

Unique and Luxurious Bathrooms

Creating Your Own Unique and Luxurious Bathroom When building a business, every detail must be considered. From the glasses you use to the font on a menu, everything affects the eating experience of y…

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restaurant bathrooms

Choosing Music for Your Commercial Restroom

We are familiar and pleased with the calm and peaceful humming in the elevators – even when there is no voice to the sound. Why not take that comfort and create not just a restroom, but an entertain…

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Commercial bathrooms

Smart Strategies For Bathroom Remodeling

Many people dream of a bathroom with maximum comfort that befits their personal style. However, many settle for less because the budget for such is a nightmare. You can make your dream a reality witho…

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smart strategies