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Our Kit Includes:

  • Plastic Laminate Bathroom Stall Divider Panels, Pilasters & Doors
  • All Necessary Installation Mounting hardware
  • Freight Shipping To A Commercial Address

Need a wood grain style for your partitions at a value-focused price? Look no further than our HPL plastic laminate toilet partitions. Well suited for offices, churches and similar environments, HPL is a great look that won’t break the bank.

High End Bathroom Partition Features At Cheap Prices

ASI MoistureGuard

ASI Accurate Partitions MoistureGuard laminate features an industry-leading 5-year warranty, seamless beveled edges and enhanced resistance to moisture as compared to standard laminate.

ASI Standard Laminate

Can't find the color you're looking for? ASI's standard legacy laminate has one of the broadest color palette options you can find.

Bobrick AccentSeries HPL

AccentSeries HPL features a stainless steel edge trim that serves both form and function. Aesthetically, it adds a premium feel the laminate partitions without the premium price of stainless steel partitions. It also works as a heat sink and provides additional protection to panel and door edges.

Bobrick MetroSeries HPL

Our FRP partitions are 20% lighter than traditional metal partitions.

Bobrick ClassicSeries HPL

Exclusive to Special-Lite - these pilaster shoes are anodized after fabrication to provide supreme corrosion resistance.

Bobrick TrimLineSeries HPL

One of Bobrick's premium lines of HPL, TrimLine features a 5-year warranty and includes both stainless edging and steel-core stiles.

Bobrick DesignerSeries HPL

Bobrick's DesignerSeries HPL incorporates steel-core stiles for added strength and structural rigidity.

Additional Information

ASI MoistureGuard Standard Quick Ship Colors


Mission White 1010 

Almond 4000 

Sand 4010 

Khaki Brown 4040 

Taupe 9096

Green Slate 5093

Crisp Linen 1150 

Green Slate 5093 

Neutral Glace 1130 

Western Suede 4110 

Burgundy 5450 

Casual Linen 4538 

Natural Tigris 4611 

Stepping Stone 9570 

Natural Canvas 4410 

Satin Stainless 5030 

Tungsten EV 4801 

Carrara Bianco 1096 

Burnt Strand 5107 

Windswept Bronze 9292 

Gray Linen 3750 

Earthen Warp 4580 

Afternoon Nap 9120 

Smoke 8450 

Autumn Indian 9150 

Navy Blue 7450 

Spectrum Blue 5051 

Brittany Blue 7010 

Navy Graphix 7318 

Silver Gray 3000 

Dov Gray 3010 

Folkstone Celesta 3300 

Canyon Zephyr 3713 

Vapor Strandz 5039 

Windswept Pewter 3849 

Storm Solidz 3542 

Graphite Graphix 3020 

Rustic Slate 5088 

Smoke Quarstone 3350 

Graphite 2150 

Black 2000 

Maple 9918 

Cherry 9954 

Mahogany 9939 

Ebony 9500 

Asian Night 9550 

Weathered Ash 9842 

Reclaimed Denim Fiber 5271

Bobrick HPL Standard Colors

Designer White D354-60

White Carrara 4924-38

Antique White 1572-60

Natural Almond D30-60

Beige 1530-60

Grey 1500-60

Satin Stainless 4830K-18

Platinum D315-60

Desert Zephyr 4841-60

Natural Canvas 7022-58

Grey Nebula 4622-60

Pewter Mesh 4878-38

Evening Tigris 4674-60

Natural Tigris 4669-60

Wheat Strand 6212-58

Slate Grey D91-60

Shadow D96-60

Tungsten EV 4814-60

Spiced Zephyr 4859-60

Windswept Bronze 4794-60

Burnt Strand 6307-58

Graphite Nebula 4623-60

Green Tigris 4667-60

Chestnut Woodline 5884-58

Chocolate Warp 5881-58

Navy Grafix 7018-58

Brittany Blue D321-60

Smokey Brown Pear 5488-58

Figured Mahogany 7040A-60

Xanadu 7945K-38*

Spectrum Blue 851-58

Hollyberry D307-60

Basalt Slate 3690-58

Black 1595-60

Honey Annigre 913

Executive Mahogany 920

Spanish Mahogany 921

American Cherry 925

Canadian Maple 926

Renaissance Cherry 953

Brown Annigre 974

Amber Bamboo 975

Tropical Zebrawood 976

Bog Oak 977

American Walnut 978

Teak 980

Modern Makore 981

Golden Oak 983

Ashened Oak 985

Prairie Oak 986

Australian Eucalyptus 988

Smoked Eucalyptus 989

American Elm 991

Cabinetry Walnut 992

Gallery Walnut 994

Blond Sycamore 995

Coastal Eucalyptus 997

Vintage Limba 998

Natural Eucalyptus 999

What is plastic laminate?

HPL (high pressure laminate) partitions are made from a particle board core covered by a decorative surface protected by a protective melamine overlay. 

We carry plastic laminate toilet partitions featuring wear-resistant engineered surfaces manufactured by trusted industry names like Wilsonart and Formica. 

What is plastic laminate made of?

Laminated plastics consist of polymer-matrix composites. Consisting of layers of reinforcing materials that have been impregnated with thermosetting resins, bonded together, and cured under heat and pressure.

Laminated plastics are made by impregnating a special form of decorative kraft paper with thermosetting resins (usually melamine or phenolic resin) and polymerized under heat and pressure, forming a polymer-matrix composite. “High pressure” refers to the pressure introduced during the production process. These pressure levels typically reach 1,200 to 2,000 psi. 

How to cut plastic laminate

Plastic laminate can be cut to size if necessary. 

In order to get a nice clean edge, you’ll want to follow the following steps:

  1. Double check your measurements and draw a cut line.
  2. Lightly score the line with a utility knife.
  3. Use a table saw to carefully cut ¼” or less of the material. This cuts all the way through the laminate itself but doesn’t completely cut through the particle board core. The reason for starting with a partial cut is to cleanly cut the laminate without chipping.

ASI MoistureGuard Laminate overhead-braced standard configuration

ASI Plastic Laminate Partitions with Floor Anchored/Overhead Braced Mounting Style

Part 1 – General 1.01 Work Included A. The toilet partitions shall be plastic laminate with floor anchored/overhead braced mounting style as manufactured by ASI Accurate Partitions, Burr Ridge, Illinois. B. Furnish all labor and materials necessary for completion of work in this section as shown in the approved drawings and specified herein. 1.02 Related Work – Specified elsewhere shall include accessories and anchorage/blocking for attachment of partitions. Part 2 – Product 2.01 Doors, Panels and Urinal Screens – Shall have a finished thickness of 1” with decorative plastic laminate is applied to 7/8” thick particleboard. 2.02 Pilasters – Shall have a finished thickness of 1“ with decorative plastic laminate applied to 7/8” thick particleboard 2.03 Material – Doors, panels, pilasters and urinal screens shall be fabricated from 45-pound density, resin impregnated 7/8“ thick particle board. Decorative plastic laminate shall be applied to the particleboard with a non-toxic, water resistant adhesive under high pressure. All components shall be edge banded prior to face lamination to ensure moisture run-off and vandal resistance. 2.04 Finish – All components shall have faces and edges covered with a decorative, vertical grade (.50 thickness) laminate. 2.05 Color – will be selected from Accurate’s full range of standard designer colors. 2.06 Door Hardware – Shall be Accurate gravity cam-action hinge that permits door to return to a pre-set position when not locked. Hinge, strike and keeper shall be chrome plated Zamac to resist corrosion and through bolted with tamper resistant barrel nuts and shoulder screws. Cam-action hinge shall allow emergency access by lifting the door from the bottom. 2.07 Mounting Hardware – Chrome plated Zamac stirrup brackets shall be secured to walls and pilasters with stainless steel tamper resistant fasteners. Panels shall be through bolted with tamper resistant barrel nuts and shoulder screws. 2.08 Construction Design – Partitions shall be anchored to the floor by a 1-piece, 3” high, stainless steel anchor trim with bottom plate through which concrete anchors are driven into the floor. Pilaster is leveled with machine screw threaded into an insert in bottom of pilaster and is fastened to anchor trim with tamper resistant stainless fasteners. Aluminum headrail with anti-grip profile shall provide overhead bracing and span all partitions and brace the end pilaster to the back wall. Part 3 – Execution 3.01 Installation – Shall be installed in accordance to the Accurate installation instructions with compartments rigid, straight and plumb. Doors and panels shall be mounted 12” above the finished floor. 3.02 Warranty – ASI Accurate Partitions guarantees its plastic laminate partitions, properly maintained, against discoloration or delamination for 2 YEARS from the date of receipt by the customer. If material is found defective during that period, the material shall be replaced free of charge. No credits or allowances shall be issued for any labor or expenses relating to the replacement of components covered under the warranty plan.