4 Exciting, Luxurious Bathroom Technologies

luxurious shower tech

As the world around you modernizes, why not make some comforting changes to your home? While public restrooms and commercial bathrooms with toilet partitions may have limited accouterments, in your home, the bathroom is the  ultimate place of peace and comfort. The bathroom gives you much-needed alone time to refresh and rejuvenate.

With the technological advances available, why not have a little fun and make your personal life more luxurious? Check out these exciting innovative bathroom additions that will take your morning experience to the next level.

1. All- Inclusive, High-Tech Toilet: When it comes to pampering, what better place than your toilet? This tech-savvy potty has all the extra perks that you never knew you always wanted. When the winter months roll in and your bare skin in exposed, the last thing you want to sit on is a cold toilet seat.

Well, say goodbye to that uncomfortable experience. We solved that problem and more. With this MH Connect+ Toilet by Toto, you’ll enjoy a heated seat, warm water washing and warm air drying, pre-misting system, automatic deodorizer, night light, user memory and even a personal remote control!

In addition to all that, you don’t even have to clean it! This high-tech toilet utilizes a self-cleaning electrolyzed water and disinfectant to wash up before and after each use. Say goodbye to your Cinderella days scrubbing dirty toilets on your hands and knees.

2. Dance-In-The-Rain Shower Ceiling Panel: Dancing in the rain has always been a romantic gesture in our minds. It doesn’t happen often and typically we’re too worried about our nice clothes getting wet to enjoy the sentiment. Say goodbye to all that nonsense and enjoy the romance in the comfort of your own shower!

In efforts to make our lives more magical, the Real Rain Shower by Kohler pours “rain” all over you at a slow-building pace through 775 nozzles. There’s a reservoir that literally holds water in your ceiling.

The “Real Rain Shower” is a 19”x19” ceiling-mounted panel that flows water at two gallons per minute. The drops are meant to imitate a rain shower in both size and intensity. Enjoy the pitter-patter of a warm shower storm and bring back the sentimental magic.

3. Sing-In-The-Rain Shower head Speaker: If you’re passionate about your karaoke shower time, this is the bathroom tech addition for you. Singing in the rain was never easier than with this Moxie Wireless Speaker Showerhead by Kohler. The technology used for your Bluetooth wireless speaker meets a shower head base in this wonderful design.

With 60 angled nozzles this shower head pushes out water at 2.5 gallons per minute. If you need to recharge or reposition the speaker element, this water-resistant piece can easily pop out and back in. The battery-life will play up to seven hours of music from the Bluetooth connection of your smartphone, tablet or computer from up to 32 feet away.

4. Cozy Toes NuHeat Floor Heater: On a chilly morning in a Chicago bathroom, you creep out of your bed and tip-toe barefooted to the bathroom shower. It’s freezing and from the tips of your toes, you’re shivering. Shiver no more, with this Nuheat Signature Thermostat and Shower Floor Heating System.

This is the first Wi-Fi enabled floor heater that solves the bathroom floor shivers. It has a 3.5” screen with 320×480 pixels. The touchscreen thermostat works with tile and stone flooring, heating up to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Like the shower head speaker, the floor heater will also connect to your mobile smart phone or web browser.