Why Comfort in the Bathroom Stall Matters

A Comfortable Bathroom Environment

As we further progress as a society, our technology expands, our outreach capabilities expand, and our general capability to complete previously difficult tasks expands as well. The only thing which has not seemed to have expanded is the bathroom stall.

When people are presented the option to choose a larger, more spacious bathroom stall to take care of business, they’ll often go for that environment over the smaller option. People will sometimes even avoid going to the bathroom if they know they’re in for a cramped, uncomfortable experience. This is why with Fast Partitions, we always analyze the space provided to ensure all restroom users (and plumbers) have adequate space and a comfortable environment when using a toilet within a stall.


Bathroom Anxiety Causing Health Issues?

We all have been told it’s not healthy whatsoever to “hold it”, yet some individuals will often choose to forego restroom relief in favor of waiting until they locate a more comfortable environment to conduct their bathroom business. When this scenario becomes a habit, gastrointestinal issues can arise and lead to a host of health problems you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

We believe all bathroom users should have a comfortable, spacious, and easily accessible environment. This will have a chain-reaction effect of sorts and lead to an overall greater health of your employees, customers, and/or the general users of your bathrooms.


Preventing Constipation with an Inviting Bathroom Stall

bathroom bloopers

Studies have shown when human beings are using the bathroom, they’ll often have anxiety-induced constipation as well as difficulty urinating due to a “stage-fright” of sorts.

This may go back to our cavemen days of our bodies preventing us from relieving ourselves in high-strung, tense situations as to prevent harm or injury in a vulnerable position. With our partitions, we want all of the users to feel privacy, safe, comfortable, and invited to take part in a daily ritual we all enjoy. When constipation is reduced, there are a number of benefits:


  • Reduced Headaches
  • Reduced Acne Breakouts
  • Increased Appetite
  • Reduced Hemorrhoids
  • Reduced Bad Breath


You definitely want to avoid the above-listed symptoms and start enjoying your life to fullest. With our partitions, your users will experience peace, serenity, and a sense of calmness no other partition can provide. We truly care about the user and are always researching new ways to better our products and technology. We always welcome feedback as well, so feel free to reach out to us if we can be of service in any way.

It’s Time to Make Your Bathroom Better

Bathrooms are a crucial part of any brick-and-mortar business and you’ll want to present the best to your customers, clients, and staff. There are even bathroom review sites solely dedicated to providing the best restrooms in your vicinity.

With all of the hype surrounding a clean, inviting, and comfortable restroom experience, it’s about time you reward your business with only the best; Fast Partitions! Feel free to contact us and we’ll happily provide a quote and/or response to your inquiry. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!</p>