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toilet partitions, Texas

Texas is huge. Its twice the size of Germany and makes of 7.4 percent of the land in the United States. Cities like Fort Worth and Houston are full of busy bees making the Texan economy something to brag about. If it were its own country, it would be 13th highest GDP in the world.

The courageous and free business owners of the Lone Star State should care for their customers’ needs, starting with the most basic needs: the bathroom. Take care of your guests’ basic needs during vulnerable moments and install quality toilet partitions and urinal dividers.


Fast Partitions has developed affordable commercial bathroom urinal stalls. We provide bathroom stalls and toilet partitions in three quality materials: plastic, metal and stainless steel.


The powder coated metal stall partitions offer the best industry value, featuring galvanized steel, rust resistance and a gleaming consistent finish. Common cleaning chemicals won’t stand a chance in messing with these dividers.


The solid plastic toilet partitions feature a 25-year manufacturing warranty. They are highly resistant to scratches, impacts, dramatic temperature changes and rust. Never sacrificing style for quality, we produce the plastic urinal screens in 14 different colors.


At the high end of urinal screens, we have produced stainless steel with a gleaming elegant finish. In addition to high-durability, this divider meets class A fire rating requirements, as well as environmental properties, providing LEED credit for exceptional recyclability.


For schedule convenience and a happy wallet, Fast Partitions provides fast and free delivery. The FEDEX freight delivery works as a one streamlined network. FEDEX is regarded as the best international option for flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Using this option, we have great shipping rates and can get out partitions to your restaurant, school or office building quickly and efficiently.

In addition to stress-free delivery, Fast Partitions provides complete package deals on all partitions. This includes divider stalls, pilasters, doors, and all necessary installation hardware.

Local toilet partition deliveries extend to several other metro U.S. cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, Atlanta, Seattle, and New York. Whether a school, church, office space, retail or other commercial building, we’ll deliver.


If current toilet dividers are inadequate or nonexistent, you may unknowingly be submitting your customers to stage fright from the lack of privacy. This phenomenon can be described as nervousness before or during an appearance in front of public spectators. Men experience a high degree of exposure in public restrooms. Without proper urinal stall dividers, you may severely damage the trust and loyalty of your customers.

For you and your customers’ peace of mind, confidence and esteem, order our high quality urinal screens and improve your customer’s bathroom experience. Our urinal dividers are made of durable, high quality materials and are graffiti resistant and easy to clean.

Following through with details will not only increase environment morale but also will improve privacy, safety, happiness, and ultimately company sales. Your coworkers, team members and potential clients are likely to utilize the facilities. Save everyone’s rear end and buy quality toilet partitions.


November 14, 2016
Wayne Foreman

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Bathroom Partitions & Commercial Restroom Partitions - Fast Partitions
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