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Shower Stall Partitions: Enhancing Privacy and Ambiance

Shower stall partitions are a mainstay in public facilities, ranging from dorms to locker rooms. They’re not merely dividers but essential pieces for adding privacy. The partitions influence the users’ perception of the facility as a whole. 

To give your public lavatory the ambiance and cleanliness it deserves, incorporate shower stall partitions or have your existing ones replaced if they’re outdated. Worn partitions can give the space the illusion of being unkempt and unclean.

The Benefits of Shower Stall Partitions

  • Adds privacy: Partitions add privacy to the showers much the same way they add privacy to bathrooms.
  • Adds aesthetics: Partitions also double as decor and complement the surroundings. Partitions come in an assortment of designs.
  • Easy to clean: Unlike the typical glass shower panel in residential showers, public shower partitions do not easily accumulate mildew or scum. They are far easier to wipe clean using essential cleaning tools and solutions.
  • Easy to install: A handyman can install the partitions the same day they’re delivered. They’re ready for use immediately after with no maintenance beyond the routine cleaning.
  • Maintains personal space: The partition sets a clear boundary, so the adjacent showerer doesn’t get too close and invade your space.

Types of Shower Stall Partitions

Choose from a variety of designs that meet the needs of your facility. The most popular partitions include the following:

Phenolic (aka Compact Grade Laminate)

Laminated surfaces are a popular choice for all types of bathroom partitions because they offer a wide variety of color options and have durable surfaces. But the problem with traditional fiberboard-core laminate is if the core absorbs moisture it causes the all-to-common "bubbling" that we've all seen in low-cost cabinetry. That's where phenolic comes in.

While nearly identical in appearance to high pressure laminate, the phenolic core is impervious to moisture. The results in no expansion and therefore no bubbling or delamination of the surface. In addition to moisture resistance, phenolic also offers extreme resistance to scratches and impact. All these features combined make phenolic a popular and ideal choice for shower stalls.

Go with Phenolic if:

  • You are looking for wood-grain or other special types of veneers from manufacturers like WilsonArt or Formica
  • You need extended height panels

Solid Plastic

Plastic has a reputation for being low-quality. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth with regards to HDPE plastic. High-quality plastic is resistant to dents and scratches. 

Furthermore, it consistently retains its original appearance after years of daily use. Lower-grade plastic may warp when exposed to temperature changes, which may frequently occur when users swap between cold and hot showers. Solid plastic dividers provide high resistance against elemental fluctuations.

The best part about solid plastic is the value it offers vs phenolic.

Go with solid plastic if:

  • You want a great bang-for-buck option
  • You want heavy duty

Stainless Steel

Steel is actually extremely rare for shower stalls. However, certain highly specialized applications may still utilize it.

The very presence of stainless steel exudes a luxurious vibe that makes them an excellent choice for hotels and state-of-the-art sports centers. Steel is naturally resistant to fire and chemical exposure.

Steel surfaces are available in different surface textures, including a brushed flat surface and an embossed design. You can also elect for a hybrid option of brushed on one side and embossed on the other. 

Stainless steel is great for any facility frequented by VIPs or other high-profile members. This includes sports arenas used by world-class athletes or prestigious universities with a top-ranking collegiate athletics department.

Go with stainless steel if:

  • You want the partitions to match the elaborate setup of your shower room
  • You want the partitions to be part of the space’s focal point
  • You want the best of both worlds, between durability and visual charm

Glass Home Shower Stalls


For residential homes, glass shower partitions lend a spacious appearance to bathrooms. Glass causes the space to be visually uninterrupted and increases light transmission. Just be ready to keep the panels clean! Needless to say, glass shower partitions aren't fit for commercial applications. However, you may be surprised to find that some ultra-high end facilities use opaque enameled glass partitions for bathrooms.

Additional Hardware

You can also enhance partitions with an assortment of add-on accessories and hardware. This includes:

  • Hooks for holding jewelry
  • Soap dishes
  • Dishes for holding bottled liquid soap
  • Handrails for support. These are essential for making the stalls user-friendly for seniors or those with mobile disabilities

While such accessories are generally mounted on the wall, you can install them on the partitions if you choose. The panels are customizable and can include helpful accessories for enhancing the public showering experience.

Is DIY Installation Possible?

When you order shower partitions, they will also come with all the necessary mounting hardware, including brackets, fasteners, and screws. In-house installation is possible with basic tools. However, a professional contractor can perform the installation at an affordable cost and on the same day. 

All included mounting hardware is just as durable as the partitions and resistant to moisture and rust. The mounting materials also provide enough sturdiness to keep the partition steady if someone leans on it.

Why Privacy Matters

Privacy equals comfort. Even in the home, who uses the bathroom with the door open? Showering with a stranger just inches away from you can be unsettling for many people. A partition may not provide 100% privacy, but the divider provides enough to alleviate any discomfort associated with public showering.

If guests and customers feel hesitant to utilize your facility fully, it can negatively impact their perception of your accommodations. 

Many analysts have speculated that bathroom and shower space quality impacts customer retention. Lack of partitions can also lead to recurring complaints, further lowering user/customer satisfaction. Never overlook the importance of customer comfort.

Enhance Your Public Showers

Shower stall partitions are a simple addition that bring enormous advantages. It adds such a degree of comfort and usability to your public shower spaces. Learn more by contacting Fast Partitions, and make your lavatory more user-friendly for guests and customers alike.




March 14, 2022
Wayne Foreman

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