Business Bathroom Etiquette 101

Shared Spaces & Bathroom Etiquette

We’ve all been in a situation where we’re in a shared restroom at the office and we notice an extremely foul odor, a person hogging the urinal for which seems to be forever, and encountering a habitual toilet clogger.

Toilets in foreign places

For these scenarios, and more, it’s important to establish a proper bathroom etiquette for yourself and your employees. Whether you’re a startup, or a telecom group  you’ll find the following etiquette, techniques, and methods to be helpful in harboring a productive and friendly work environment.

Flush Quickly

It’s only right and respectable to flush the toilet after a particularly strong-odored bowel movement. Studies have shown when you flush as soon as possible after defecation, the resulting odor will be virtually non-existent for passing bathroom guests.

This is also a benefit for yourself, as who actually wants to waft in their own unpleasant odor?

Courtesy Flush

The infamous “courtesy flush” has long been discussed as bathroom etiquette 101 by many individuals for many years, yet there are as many who choose to not do so. This is mainly a superficial etiquette technique.

However, it’s important to note that if there are remainders of fecal matter in the toilet bowl for extended periods of time, it can cause potentially dangerous, bacterial overgrowth.

Additionally, it can prove to be much more difficult to clean for the custodial staff, so why not make their job easier with a simple courtesy flush?

Clean the Seat After Use

Nothing is worse than going to sit on the toilet and feeling a strange, foreign liquid upon being seated.

This is why it’s nice to pay it forward and have the common decency to wipe the seat after your use if there happens to be any remnants of your session. Be a decent human being and do the right thing.

Use the Toilet Stall if There a Limited Number of Urinals

Due to many people suffering from bathroom anxiety, it’s only right to use the toilet stall if there’s another bathroom user already at the urinal station.

Nobody likes to be standing next to somebody else when they’re in a vulnerable, open-aired environment, urinating. Be the nice person you strive to be every day and use the toilet stall to urinate.

You’ll not only have saved your co-worker from some anxiety; you’ll have much more room to urinate with the added privacy of an enclosed toilet partition.

Finally…Enjoy the Experience

All in all, it’s important to enjoy your restroom experience. This is why at FastPartitions, we take great pride in offering only the best bathroom partitions for a wide variety of customers. from an acupuncturist to a home developer; if you have an office, you’ll want to check out all of our offerings!

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