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World Dryer

World Dryer hand dryers offer several advantages over traditional paper towels, including cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness and convenience.

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World Dryer

Hand dryers – like the World Dryer by Hadian – have become ubiquitous in public restrooms worldwide.

These electric appliances, also known as electric hand dryers, use high-speed air streams to dry wet hands quickly, quietly and efficiently. Moreover, hand dryers have gained renewed attention as a touchless, hygienic alternative to paper towels, which can harbor bacteria and viruses.

Fast Partitions has all the World Dryer hand dryers you need for your business – along with the bathroom accessories that are must-haves in every public restroom.

World Dryer by Hadian
Hadrian Dryer
Hadrian World Dryer

Discover the World Dryer Hand Dryer Difference

You may be wondering what makes a World Dryer hand dryer better than any other method of drying hands. For one thing, World Dryer has been at it longer than most other hand dryer companies. They began selling their hand dryer in 1951, which was three years after the original version was invented.

You may remember that early hand dryers were sluggish and noisy. Most folks washed their hands, held them under the dryer for several seconds, then wiped their hands on their pants to finish the process.

Over the years, World Dryer hand dryers evolved. They got quieter, dried hands faster, became more sanitary and were made more affordable. The makers of the World hand dryer are still at it, responding to consumers and tweaking their products to make them better. Discover for yourself why this hand dryer makes a world of difference.

World Dryer Benefits

Climate Change, COVID and a desire to reduce waste have all combined to create a stronger need than ever before for the World Dryer. There are many advantages to choosing this world-class hand dryer.

World Dryer Benefits

According to World Dryer, their VERDEdri hand dryer saves 100 trees over its lifetime. Think about that the next time you're strolling, jogging or biking through your neighborhood park. While you're at it, just imagine the tons of paper towels that aren't being dumped into landfills.

More Sanitary

The issue of hygiene is uppermost in the minds of anyone who oversees public restrooms. The goal is to ensure everyone washes their hands and doesn't botch the job by giving up halfway through. World Dryer hand dryers manage the problem by removing moisture in as little as twelve seconds, using 3.16 watts-hours – pretty impressive for a hand dryer. World Dryer holds a HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of particles 0.3um or bigger and cleans the air before it gets to anyone's hands. And naturally, the World Dryer is touchless, so everyone can be clean and confident.


The initial investment in a World Dryer hand dryer will set you back some. But you have to look at the big picture. Depending on how much your dryer is used, it could last 10 years or more. Considering how much you spend on paper towels, the savings will add up pretty quickly. Don't take our word for it. Check out the World Dryer Savings Calculator to learn how much you could save each year by using a World hand dryer instead of paper towels. The savings could be as much as 99% yearly.

Low Maintenance

As you're factoring in the savings for going paperless, make sure you include maintenance in the equation. Without paper towels, caretakers don't need to fill dispensers, and paper waste is greatly reduced, meaning fewer trips to the dumpster.

Minor maintenance is required for your hand dryer. World Dryer provides all the information you need.

World Dryer

Installing a World Dryer Hand Dryer

Installing a World Dryer hand dryer typically involves several steps. These are outlined in the manufacturer's guidelines, along with safety procedures to ensure a successful installation:

  1. Determine the best location for the World Dryer hand dryer, taking into consideration factors such as accessibility, proximity to electrical outlets and user convenience.
  2. Mount the hand dryer to the wall. Ensure it's securely attached and leveled.
  3. Connect the electrical wiring. Run the wires through the wall and connect them to a nearby electrical outlet.
  4. Test the World Dryer to ensure it's functioning properly and providing adequate airflow for users to dry their hands.

Frequently Asked Questions About the World Dryer

Some commonly asked questions are answered below.
If you need additional information about the World Dryer for hands, please contact us. We'll be glad to help.

Are World Dryer Hand Dryers ADA-Compliant?

Yes, World Dryer hand dryers are ADA-compliant, meaning they meet the accessibility requirements set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Does the World Dryer Come With a Warranty?

World Dryer hand dryers come with a limited warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship. The length and terms of the warranty may vary depending on the model.

Can I Replace the Motor in a World Dryer Hand Dryer if it Stops Working?

Yes, it's possible to replace the motor in a World Dryer hand dryer, although it's recommended that you consult with a professional technician to ensure the replacement is done safely and correctly.

Fast Partitions Has all the World Dryer Hand Dryers You Need for Your Public Restrooms

World Dryer hand dryers blow away the competition. With low-noise, fast-drying and best-in-class hygienic features, it's no wonder this hand dryer gets thumbs up from businesses all over the world. Whether you're outfitting a new facility or upgrading an existing one, World Dryer hand dryers are an excellent choice that will help you to meet your goals for sustainability, hygiene and user satisfaction. Order your World Dryer today!

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World Dryer
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