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Transform Your Restroom with Plastic Laminate Toilet Partitions

Looking to upgrade your bathroom facilities with a stylish yet budget-friendly option? Our plastic laminate toilet partitions offer the perfect solution. Starting at just $350, these partitions bring a touch of sophistication to any environment, including offices, churches, and public venues.

Why Choose Plastic Laminate Partitions?

1. Stylish and Functional: Plastic laminate partitions combine aesthetics with practicality. The high-pressure laminate (HPL) surface provides a sleek, modern look while being robust enough to withstand daily wear and tear. Ideal for areas where both appearance and durability are key.

2. Customizable Designs: With our wide selection of wood grain styles and colors, you can customize your partitions to match the existing decor. Whether you’re aiming for a classic or contemporary look, our expert designers are here to help bring your vision to life.

3. Fast Nationwide Delivery: We understand the importance of timely project completion. Thanks to our warehouses in Arizona, Ohio, and Georgia, we ensure that your partitions reach the job site quickly. Fast shipping means less downtime and more productivity for your project.

4. Expert Customer Service: Our knowledgeable and professional customer service team is dedicated to making your project run smoothly. From initial consultation to final installation, we're here to support you every step of the way.

5. Lowest Price Guarantee: We pride ourselves on offering the lowest prices with all-inclusive, easy-to-read quotes. If you find a better price elsewhere, we'll beat it, making sure you get the best value for your investment.

High-End Features at Competitive Prices

ASI Moisture Guard: This laminate features an industry-leading 5-year warranty and moisture resistance, making it perfect for high-humidity environments.

Bobrick Accent Series HPL: With stainless steel edge trim, this series combines premium aesthetics with functional benefits like heat dissipation and edge protection.

Bobrick Classic Series HPL: Exclusive pilaster shoes provide supreme corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity and reliability.

How to Customize and Order Your Partitions

1. Instant Pricing: Use our online tool for instant pricing on any project. Simply input your requirements, and get a quote in minutes.

2. Upload a Drawing: Have a specific design in mind? Upload your drawings, and our team will help you bring them to life.

3. Call Our Sales Team: For personalized assistance, call our sales team. Our experts are ready to guide you through the selection and ordering process.

Installation Tips: How to Cut Plastic Laminate

If you need to cut plastic laminate to size, follow these steps for a clean edge:

  1. Double-check your measurements and draw a cut line.
  2. Lightly score the line with a utility knife.
  3. Use a table saw to cut 1/4" or less of the material carefully. This prevents chipping by cutting through the laminate surface before fully cutting through the particleboard core.

Enhance Your Restroom Today

Elevate the look and functionality of your bathroom facilities with our high-quality plastic laminate toilet partitions. Contact us today to get started, and experience the perfect blend of style, durability, and affordability.






July 10, 2024
Wayne Foreman

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