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With the SARS-CoV-2 virus sending the world into full-fledged quarantines, schools are in greater need than ever to employ simple steps to help prevent the spread of illness among young students when they reconvene.

Foot Operated Door Openers

Probably one of the most beneficial and cost effective implements available happens to be a small ledge at the bottom of frequented doors. One of the key ways to prevent illness to not touch anything and what better way to do that than to install a small ledge underneath bathroom doors to allow opening without touching the handle. All children need to do is press down on the ledge and pull up the door to allow easy access with no hand contact.

Frequently Sanitizing Toilet Partition Door Handles

Toilet partitions are typically out of sight and out of mind. But at some point or another everyone in the school will end up touching the door handle and locking mechanisms of the partition doors. This is what's known to hospital sanitation experts as a "high touch" point in the building's architecture. Schools need to make sure details like these aren't neglected when sanitizing throughout the building.

Hands-Free Sanitizer and Soap Dispensers

Any chance to keep hands off of publicly used objects is a chance to fend off the spread of viruses and bacteria. By placing hands-free dispensers in hallways, bathrooms, and even classrooms faculty can make sure that all opportunities to kill hand bacteria is taken care of at the source.


Another great example of using hands-free technology to improve overall safety and keep students at school and healthy. While installation and immediate costs can often times make faculty nervous about switching to this eco-friendly option, the long-term benefits are incredibly overpowering. Not only do you decrease the spread of bacteria by applying air pressure at temperatures most germs can’t live in, but you’re also saving money that you would normally spend on paper alternatives. Also doesn’t hurt to have an easy way to warm your hands up during the cold winter months.

Excused Sick Days

While many education experts want the highest number of possible days in school for every student, strict enforcement of attendance often leaves students coming into school when they should be at home recuperating. This increases the infection rate for all common illnesses and often creates an environment where a large percentage of the student and faculty base are infected. With higher incubation periods and a larger group of hosts to infect, viruses that would have left one student out for a day or two are leaving swathes of people at home bed-ridden for days on end. While attendance does matter in a system where most students would rather be at home, encouraging a strict attendance environment often leads to more absenteeism across the board than would have been experienced otherwise.

Think about these helpful tips and talk with your faculty and local Board of Education about how you can implement some, or all, of them to improve your school’s health and safety.

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