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Step 1:

Once you’ve reached the Fast Partitions home page, click on the bright red button that says “Get A Quote Now.” This button will take you directly to the interactive partition selection process.

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Step 2:

Select the material that best suits your needs and budget. The main options are metal, at $275-$450 per stall; plastic, at $450-$700 per stall; and stainless steel, at $700-$900 per stall.

The powder-coated metal toilet partitions offer the best value in the industry. They feature high quality galvanized steel, rust resistance and a gleaming consistent finish which shines through common cleaning chemicals.

The solid plastic toilet partitions are perfect for high traffic restrooms such as schools. They feature a 25-year manufacturing warranty and are highly resistant to scratches, impacts, dramatic temperature changes and rust. Made with the most durable, damage-resistant plastic and produced in 14 different colors, you won’t have to sacrifice style for durability.

At the high end, the stainless steel toilet partitions offer a modern style with a gleaming elegant finish. This style features high-durability, meeting class A fire rating requirements, as well as environmental properties, providing LEED credit for exceptional recyclability.

choose stall material

Step 3:

Next, you will receive directions to identify the number of stalls you need for your first bathroom. You may choose as many as you like from each of these three categories: large or ADA handicap stalls, regular stalls or urinal screens.

how many stalls

Step 4:

After choosing your selection, our system will instantly generate a variety of layout plans for you to choose from. With a basic one ADA handicap stall and two regular stalls, you may choose from five potential layouts.

Stall Layouts

Step 5:

Once you have selected a layout, you may choose to add another bathroom. If not, you can click "I'm Done. Add Shipping Info." You will then see a prompt to fill in your zip code for delivery purposes.. From there type in your email address, and we’ll send you a quote within minutes.

Shipping details

If you get stumped with a question or need additional information, feel free to explore the website or contact one of our friendly sales representatives.





July 25, 2016
Wayne Foreman

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Bathroom Partitions & Commercial Restroom Partitions - Fast Partitions
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