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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Toilet Partitions

Vandal-Resistant Bathroom Partitions

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Our Kit Includes:

Bathroom Stall Divider panels, Pilasters & Doors
All Necessary Installation Mounting hardware
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Need graffiti-proof bathroom stalls for your facility? Look no further than fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) partitions. While we offer several toilet partition materials that are highly durable and graffiti-resistant, FRP is the choice when durability is the number one priority. Unlike powder-coated metal, FRP is designed to stand up to intentional abuse.

High End Bathroom Partition Features At Cheap Prices

Decades-Long Track Record
Special-Lite first applied the exceptional durability of FRP in 1971 while they were manufacturing exterior doors. Realizing what they had, they began making FRP partitions.
Built for Abuse
Great for schools, athletic facilities, arenas, corrosive coastal environments, public facilities and more.
Easy Cleanability
A clean bathroom is critical. Since FRP is completely waterproof, it can be sprayed down for easy, maximum cleanability.
Advanced Material
Our FRP partitions are 20% lighter than traditional metal partitions.
Extruded Aluminum Shoes
Exclusive to Special-Lite - these pilaster shoes are anodized after fabrication to provide superior corrosion resistance.
Enhanced privacy
A continuous hinge and doorstop doesn't just add structural integrity; it also improves privacy by closing undesirable panel gaps. Special-Lite also features a patented continuous gravity hinge.

Additional Information

Color Charts
In-stock Color Choices

Pearl Gray


Colonial White


Custom Colors

Contact us for custom color options for your FRP toilet partitions.

Special Finish

SpecLite 3® is a unique surface treatment that, compared to ordinary FRP, exhibits up to ten times more cleanability, six times the stain resistance and twice the abrasion resistance.

For custom colors, a minimum of 20 units for toilet partitions and 100 units for lockers is required per color. Custom colors are subject to an upcharge.

The colors shown are approximations only. For accurate color matches, refer to Hadrian’s printed color card. Hadrian reserves the right to change colors and/or finishes without prior notice.


Reinforcement: Random chopped fiberglass.

Resin Mix: Polyester/styrene copolymer, inorganic fillers, and pigments.


1. Panels shall have a wear side with a pebble-like embossed finish (FXE, FX, PIF, FTSTF, CGI, PWI, PCI, FTSTF/FTSTJ, FX/CGPF, LPCE, FRFRJ/FX) ORmatte embossed finish (RE/RE*, REI)Color shall be uniform throughout as specified. The backside shall be smooth. The backside surface may have some variations which do not affect functional properties and are not cause for rejection.

2. Physical properties shall be as set forth on preceding pages.

3. Dimensions shall be as specified on purchase order, subject to the following tolerances:WIDTH: ±1/8” (±3.2 mm)LENGTH: ±1/8” (±3.2 mm) up to 12′ (3.7 m)SQUARENESS: ±1/8” (3.2 mm) in 48” (1.2 m) of width

4. Product quality standards and tolerances for panel weight and thickness shall be as set forth in Crane Composites’ Quality Control Procedures/Standards which are available on request.

5. Panels shall be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines as set forth in the Crane Composites Installation Guide (Form #6876).


1. Meets USDA/FSIS requirements.

2. Some products have been tested and meet the requirements FMVSS 302. For a list of products that have been tested to this requirement, see test reports at

3. FRP does not support mold or mildew (per ASTM D3273 and ASTM D3274).

4. Meets minimum requirements of major model building codes for Class C interior wall and ceiling finishes of flame spread ≤ 200, smoke developed ≤450 (per ASTM E-84). (PIF, FTSTF, PSIF, CGI, PWI, RE/RE*, REI, STC/SSTC/LBCLN/FTBB, SMXGJ/MXGCJ, FTSTF/FTSTJ, FSQF, FX/CGPF, LPCE, IPSA/IPSC/IPCN)

5. HACCP Certified. Glasbord panels are suitable for use in food and beverage facilities that operate in accordance with a HACCP based Food Safety Program (FSFM, FSI, FX, FXE, PIF, PSIF, PWI, PWIP)

6. This panel has earned GREENGUARD® Indoor Air Quality Certification (Certificate #15955-410) (Glasbord)

Bathroom Partitions & Commercial Restroom Partitions - Fast Partitions
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