Why You Shouldn’t Use Partitions In A Luxury Bathroom

Let’s face it, Bathroom Partitions aren’t attractive. Although manufacturers have tried to make them look better by exploring different paint colors and materials, the truth is that cost and durability drive the market, not appearance. Here are four reasons why you should not use toilet partitions in your next upscale bathroom.

High End Bathroom Without Partition Stalls

1. Appearance
Even with a great color selection or using the higher end stainless steel, the bathroom will still look like other commercial bathrooms, have literal ‘gaps’ in privacy and have a functional utilitarian style to it. Sure granite countertops and nice mirrors can help, but the bathroom will still have stalls. Want something more interesting? Try framing out water closets with louvered doors instead of using stalls. This will not only look nicer, but it will far outlast toilet partitions in the long run.

2. Graffiti
There’s something about powder coated metal bathroom partitions that just magically attract graffiti. From the classic sharpie to spray paint, the effort that goes into vandalizing a stall is impressive, but the effort required to remove it should make anyone in maintenance hate having stalls in the first place. Individual bathrooms aren’t impervious to vandalism, but it’ s certainly less prevalent.

3. Easier To Clean
Cleaning in and around bathroom stalls is tough, and commonly results in just a quick push of a mop rather than a deep cleaning. Even when the bathroom is cleaned, the stalls are often left to be an untouched swarm of bacteria. The added space in an individual bathroom makes cleaning and maintenance easier.

4. Guest Comfort
In an upscale facility, the comfort of your guest is typically a high priority. Your guest wants a roomy, clean, private bathroom. Unfortunately, partitions make for undersized, uncomfortable stalls that lack privacy. While there are additional options to enhance the privacy of toilet partitions, the additional cost and lead time can be greater than just building walls and using commercial doors.

Check back soon for another article on what makes for a great high-end bathroom, but odds are, it won’t be the partitions.