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For church restroom stalls, we recommend either high-pressure laminate or visually similar but higher-end, more durable option, phenolic.

The Importance of Restrooms

Public restrooms are often taken for granted, but they are a necessity in public spaces. It is important to prioritize comfort, cleanliness, and quality when designing your restroom stalls.

Churches and other places of worship are no exception. When people come to a church, they want to be able to focus on practicing their faith in a safe and clean environment. Church restroom stalls should be functional and provide high-quality.

Fast Partitions

Fast Partitions excels in the manufacture and distribution of bathroom stalls and accessories. We provide first-rate quality and service at an affordable price.

Fast Partitions has three warehouses strategically placed throughout the U.S. in Arizona, Ohio, and Georgia. Many of our partitions can be shipped in 48 hours or less, or even faster through our premium express shipping options.

Our customer service experts are available via a toll-free phone number to advise and inform you at any step in the planning and installation of your church restroom stalls.

At Fast Partitions, we promise a high-caliber product and excellent service at the some of the most competitive prices on the market.

High-Pressure Laminate

Your first option for the material used to build your church restroom stalls is high-pressure laminate. High-pressure laminate is made by fusing several layers of kraft paper, which are saturated with a plastic resin, under high heat and pressure.

High-pressure laminate is durable and its surfaces are resistant to impacts and most chemical cleaning products. Church restroom stalls made of high-pressure laminate can last for many years even with daily wear and tear from a high volume of patrons. 

Fast Partitions offers high-pressure laminate in many different colors to match whatever aesthetic appearance you want your church restroom stalls to have. High-pressure laminate’s value is the lowest price point for the material for your church restroom stalls.

Phenolic Laminate

Phenolic laminate is similar to high-pressure laminate, but it is an even more durable, higher-quality material. Phenolic is made with multiple layers of paper for the base. The layers of material are coated in phenolic resins and solidified into a single polymerized piece using high heat and pressure.

Our phenolic toilet partitions will never rust, can withstand extreme temperature changes, and are more than ideal for high-traffic environments. 

Phenolic laminate is even more resistant to rough treatment, impacts, scratching, and high and low temperatures than high-pressure laminate. Fast Partitions offers phenolic laminate in 14 different colors for your church restroom stalls:

  • 211 Black
  • 212 Blueberry
  • 213 Bone
  • 215 Burgundy
  • 217 Canyon Granite
  • 218 Fossil
  • 219 Frost Granite
  • 222 Hunter
  • 223 Linen
  • 225 Mocha
  • 227 Paisley
  • 231 Slate
  • 238 Almond
  • 239 Gray

A higher-end material means a higher price point, but Fast Partitions still offers the most affordable phenolic laminate church restroom stalls on the market, as well as exceptional and modestly-priced accessories and services.

Phenolic laminate partitions from Fast Partitions come with all of the necessary accessories for installation, including headrails, heavy-duty aluminum hardware, fasteners, and stainless steel anchor shoes.

Getting your materials from Fast Partitions ensures long-lasting durability for your church restroom stalls, but just in case, we offer a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. We will take full responsibility for getting your church restroom stalls back up to standards.

Stainless Steel

If you are looking for something of even higher quality, Fast Partitions also offers top-of-the-line stainless steel toilet partitions for your church restroom stalls. 

Stainless steel withstands all types of chemical cleaners and is highly durable whether your church restroom stalls will see a high or low volume of foot traffic. Stainless steel church restroom stalls are also smoke and flame retardant.

The stainless steel for your church restroom stalls can be brushed smooth, embossed for a stylish, textured appearance, or a combination of both. The sleek, modern look of stainless steel elevates any public restroom, and your church restroom stalls are no exception.

How to Get Started

If you are ready to start shopping for your church restroom stalls, you are in luck! It’s easier than ever to get a quote for your project using our state-of-the-art website. Simply enter the desired number of stalls and type of material to be used and Fast Partitions will generate options for your bathroom’s layout. 

If you have the dimensions of the space for the entire restroom on hand, your quote can be further specialized to your needs. Online quotes offer customizable materials, colors, and individual stall layouts. 

Our website also provides free, easy-to-follow instructions for the installation of your church restroom stalls no matter what material you decide to use.

Why Fast Partitions?

Our carefully planned partitions can be drawn up to fit the vision you have for your church restroom stalls. You can personally choose the color, style, material, size, and layout for your church restroom stalls through our online quote service. The online quotes make it easier than ever to specify your needs and again, we will beat any quote you can find that is lower than ours!

Once you have chosen specifications for the partitions that are perfect for your church’s restroom or restrooms, you will soon receive a response to your quote. Your church restroom stalls can be shipped out to you in less than 48 hours!

Fast Partitions offers high-quality partitions and accessories for your church restroom stalls at the lowest price on the market. You deserve for your church restroom stalls to be resilient, functional, and pleasing to the eye. That’s why Fast Partitions offers the highest quality at the best value on the market!

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