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Exploring Different Materials for Bathroom Stalls in Schools

Stainless Steel Bathroom Partitions

When it comes to anyone’s privacy in the restroom, you would want the best door material out there. You would want your patrons to have a sturdy bathroom stall in schools.

And just like any public place you go to, there will always be someone who vandalizes or damages the stall doors to the toilet. A school is no exception. Kids tend to draw, key, or even dent the doors in the bathroom for some reason. 

A variety of materials can be used for bathroom stalls, and we can tell you about the most used ones. Read on to see which material would be best when you’re picking bathroom stalls for schools.

Phenolic Partitions

Phenolic is a material similar to another one, HDPE, in the sense that it is resistant to moisture and physical damage.  

It comes in Formica and Wilsonart colors and patterns, which make it an ideal choice for bathrooms in health centers, office buildings, schools, and other high-traffic buildings.

A bathroom with attractive stalls can make a student or teacher feel more comfortable in using the bathroom. Decorating the doors with your school’s colors can make a student and teacher feel more connected to their alma mater.

Warranty for this material can be lengthy, depending on the manufacturer, of course.

Due to its melamine sheathing material, phenolic partitions, to some degree, can resist chemical cleaning products. When cleaning the partitions, it is best to use a gentle cleanser or a solvent cleaner. Using chemical products to clean can damage the material in the long run, causing discoloration.

One disadvantage of phenolic is that it relies on laminated layers of paper or strand board, making it susceptible to both physical and moisture damage.

This material is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Powder Coated Steel Partitions

Have a project coming up with a tight budget? Lightweight, easy to install, customizable, and durable, powder-coated steel partitions are your choice, also known as the industry standard.

Advantages to this material are the following:

  • reduction of sound 
  • good structural support
  • fire-resistant shield
  • bacteria and moisture resistance

One disadvantage is that the powder coating can be scratched off, exposing the inner material and, ultimately, making it a perfect place for rust to form.

You should occasionally clean powder-coated steel. To clean powder-coated steel, simply use a gentle soap with warm water. Harsh chemicals will damage the finish of the partition.

Office buildings, restaurants, and retail stores find powder-coated steel partitions well-suited for their needs.

This material is also compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Stainless Steel Partitions

Often sought out for their high-end appearance, Stainless Steel Partitions are a sight to see. Stainless steel partitions, with a lightweight honeycomb core, offer durability and resistance to vandalism, complementing the high-end look while being easy to install.

You can also recycle stainless steel partitions, teaching kids the importance of recycling when you're ready for a new set of bathroom stalls for your school. Additionally, steel typically outlasts other bathroom materials (unless they're also made of steel), so you can expect steel to outlive them.

In an environment full of children or teenagers, having stainless steel doors can offer some type of security when it comes to possible damage. Stainless steel can also make the bathroom a few degrees cooler, making it the least likely place for bacteria to grow.

Top choice for offices, restaurants, airports, high-traffic areas, and any space requiring a luxurious aesthetic for complementary design, stainless steel partitions come with various textured finishes. Choosing a textured panel for your steel partitions gives it even more resistance to damage and can conceal any scuffs.

Stainless steel can resist certain chemical cleaning agents. The following are not recommended:

  • Chloride cleaners
  • Abrasive cleaners
  • All-Purpose cleaners
  • Chloride bleach

This material is also compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

HDPE Partitions

HDPE, or high-density polyethylene, is one of the most sought materials for restroom partitions. Often a choice for public bathrooms, HDPE does not have an inner core, and its solid construction makes for an impact-resistant material that deflects minor damage such as scratches and dents.

According to, “one of the biggest advantages of this material is the lack of required maintenance. Once you install HDPE partitions, they generally need little upkeep besides regular cleaning.

HDPE is resistant to microbial growth, an ideal feature for showers, community pools, and other places where water is abundant. A sink or toilet can clog, leading to a sudden bathroom flood. Hence, having bacteria-resistant material on a door is a great idea.

Microbial growth can cause illness, so among the listed materials, HDPE stands out as the best choice for a bathroom partition.

Along with all these advantages, HDPE has very few disadvantages so it’s ideal for any place with a bathroom. Because of its resistance, HDPE does not need to be used in all locations. For instance, private bathrooms generally have minimal chances of vandalism, so this material is usually unnecessary there.

HDPE plastic has a high-impact resistance and melting point, so it is one heck of a flexible material to use for bathroom stalls in schools or anywhere. 

This material offers great value and includes a 25-year manufacturer warranty for irreversible damage, with easy repairs for anything else—an added bonus!

This material is also compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.




April 26, 2022
Wayne Foreman


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