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Creating a Clean and Safe Environment with Restroom Supplies Commercial Bathroom

Have you ever entered a public restroom only to leave quickly because of a visible lack of hygiene?

Finding clean, adequately sanitized public restrooms can be challenging. Not only do most bathrooms look unsanitary, but they can pose health risks for visitors. It’s therefore crucial for public restroom managers to keep their facilities well-stocked with the necessary supplies to ensure optimal safety and an enjoyable experience.

The presence of a few basic items can make a big difference when it comes to both sanitation and perceptions of cleanliness. With that in mind, here are eight essential supplies every public restroom should contain.

1. Hand Soap 

By now, most people understand the importance of handwashing to protect against the spread of diseases. Because of the heavy traffic that often occurs in public restrooms throughout the day, visitors must be able to conveniently wash their hands when using these facilities.

Make sure you keep an ample supply of soap on hand to encourage visitors to lather up after doing their business.

2. Paper Towels 

Several studies have shown that paper towels are both more effective and more sanitary than air dryers. If your facility uses air dryers, consider replacing them with paper towel dispensers, as the last thing you want is to circulate bacteria-filled air.

3. Toilet Roll Dispensers 

Toilet roll dispensers make it easier for stall occupants to measure out and tear off the toilet paper they need, thereby reducing waste and promoting cleaner restrooms. 

Wall-mounted dispensers are ideal for facilities with limited space. The toilet roll dispenser you choose depends on how much traffic you expect and how often the rolls can be refilled.

4. Toilet Seat Covers 

Another hygienic accessory visitors will no doubt appreciate is disposable toilet seat covers. These single-use items create a barrier between the seat and the stall occupant’s bare skin. Without toilet seat covers, visitors may use excessive toilet paper, leading to waste and potential toilet clogs.

Providing toilet seat covers in each stall is a simple yet effective way to maintain a cleaner environment and keep your overhead down.

5. Trash Receptacles 

A single trash can greatly improves the cleanliness of any restroom.

All public restrooms must have at least one trash receptacle located near the sink or door to provide an easily accessible place for people to dispose of rubbish rather than tossing it on the floor. Larger facilities should have several containers positioned throughout the space, specifically near the sink and the door.

Additionally, individual stalls may be outfitted with small trash cans to prevent people from throwing toilet paper rolls and other items on the floor or in the toilet. A disposal unit for sanitary items is also a necessity for women's restrooms.  

6. Air Fresheners 

Unpleasant odors are one of the most common reasons people avoid public restrooms. Placing air fresheners near the sink area can keep would-be visitors from steering clear of your facilities.

Not only do air fresheners eliminate foul smells, but many also improve overall air quality. For maximum convenience, consider investing in automatic air fresheners, which release scents intermittently to keep the room smelling fresh all day.

7. Baby Changing Stations 

Although federal law doesn’t require public bathrooms to have changing stations, these valuable devices can greatly help parents, caregivers, and others responsible for looking after small children.

8. Automated Appliances

Automated soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and hand dryers have replaced old-fashioned equipment in many restrooms — you likely have firsthand experience with many different styles of no-touch paper towel dispensers and other hands-off devices. These appliances minimize hand-to-surface contact, making public spaces safer.

Automated appliances eliminate the need for patrons to touch potentially contaminated handles, levers, or buttons. Consider installing motion-activated auto-flush toilets to avoid manual surface contact in restrooms.

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December 13, 2022
Wayne Foreman

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