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Many bathroom designers recommend adding a touch of green to public and personal bathroom settings. A healthy growing plant can make even a corporate bathroom scene feel calm and offset the visually sterile nature of stainless steel bathroom partitions. However, growing plants indoors can be tricky if you don’t use the right variety. So here are a few simple plants that can flourish naturally in an indoor bathroom space.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is a truly exceptional plant for indoors. The plant is so hearty it actually doesn't even need soil! It also prefers to be away from direct sunlight - something most bathrooms understandably lack. Our favorite way to plant Lucky Bamboo is by getting a transparent container (it doesn't have to be a plant pot since there is no soil to drain) and fill it with some nice looking pebbles. The rocks give the bamboo something to anchor to. Then fill it with filtered water and periodically refresh as needed.


Aloe Vera


This plant is often nicknamed the “Immortal Plant” due to its tenacity and low risk of dying. While many plants require large amounts of sunlight to feed off of, the Aloe Vera can survive just off sparse sunlight filtered from a bathroom window. Its need for watering is also low enough that the moisture in the bathroom air is more than enough.


Ferns thrive off of limited sunlight and moderate temperatures found indoors. Most plants found in your local gardening store require a specific temperature range in order to stay alive. Ferns, on the other hand, can survive anywhere between the mid 50’s and 70’s (Fahrenheit) making them a resilient bathroom addition.




With leaves that grow almost a foot long and sporting a tall 6-foot base, this indoors-loving plant makes an excellent addition to large bathroom spaces. It prefers indirect light so no need for large windowsills. In fact, fluorescent lighting is preferred, making this a perfect plant to grow in your bathroom.






Named one of NASA’s top air purifying plants, Ivies are great for indoor use and help scrub the air of impurities, leaving behind a refreshing bathroom ecosystem. With limited need for sunlight and water, these wall climbers can flourish in any bathroom setting. Plant one in a corner of your bathroom and watch its leaves stretch across the walls, painting a splash of green across any bathroom tile set.


  Spider Plant


Like the Ivy, Spider Plants help improve air quality by scrubbing it of impurities. A well-placed Spider Plant can help remove unwanted odors and even formaldehyde from your bathroom air. Some Spider Plants require a bit more sunlight than most indoor plants, so try to place it near a window where it can get just enough sunlight.


With these cost-effective and simple bathroom additions, your plain grey office bathroom can turn into a lush jungle. They can provide not only a stylish decoration choice but also cleanliness and hygiene, all while requiring little upkeep in return. While these five plants are easy to grow indoors, there are countless other varieties that can flourish inside a bathroom setting, so make sure to experiment and find the right type for your corporate or personal style.


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