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 The Benefits of Using Stainless Steel for Bathroom Stall Hardware

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At first glance, you might not realize just how much hardware goes into a proper bathroom stall hardware installation. The many brackets, hinges, and other components that keep your stalls intact and functional need to stand the test of time and maintain their integrity under stress.

This is one area where you want the best for your bathroom stalls. Aluminum, plastic, and plated metals simply can’t compete with stainless steel. This versatile material is used in countless applications and can provide these four benefits when you choose it for your bathroom stall hardware:

  1. Exceptional Corrosion Resistance

One reason stainless steel is widely used is its exceptional corrosion resistance. When it comes to steel, the biggest problem out there is rust. That’s why so many large steel projects rely on paint or electrochemical rust prevention.

However, mitigating corrosion for steel is only necessary for non-stainless steel. Stainless steels are defined by the Nickel Institute as alloys containing 10.5% or more chromium. This makes them much less susceptible to rust.

When choosing fixtures, you should always choose stainless steel. While using stainless steel in large-scale construction can be too expensive, selective use of stainless steel in key applications can help you save money.

By choosing the right stainless steel, you can prevent corrosion. This is essential in areas where hardware could get wet, such as in a bathroom. There are many different types of stainless steel, and choosing the right one for your hardware can make it last much longer than other options.

  1. Lasting Strength

You want your bathroom stall hardware to be strong. The brackets you use are what hold the entire stall together, so they need to carry a significant amount of weight. Consider that someone might lean against a panel at some point as well. Make sure that your hardware is up to that task.

You also need hinges and latches that can handle regular use. You can’t have them wearing down as time goes on, potentially failing at a later point. Hardware must be both strong and durable, and that’s exactly what stainless steel delivers.

According to MachineDesign, stainless steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of commonly available metals. There are other options, such as titanium, but they are far out of the reasonable price range for stall hardware. Stainless steel is stronger than aluminum, nickel and brass alloys, and plastics.

Aluminum seems like it’s up to the task at first, being both strong enough and corrosion-resistant. However, it’s a poor choice for latches and hinges. Aluminum shows fatigue after repeated loads, meaning it will eventually break even under small repeated loads. Stainless steel doesn’t fatigue, making it capable of standing the test of time.

  1. Ease of Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are top considerations for any component going into bathroom stalls. That’s true for the hardware as well, and stainless steel is an exceptional choice in this area as well.

Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant due to alloyed metals forming a passive layer on its surface. This is similar to how aluminum oxide forms on aluminum to protect against corrosion. This layer forms continuously as new metal is exposed to air.

This means that if your hardware is scratched, a new protective layer quickly forms. Your hardware stays protected, unlike coated metal hardware, which will start corroding internally when scratched or otherwise damaged.

  1. Stylish and Clean Appearance

The appearance of stainless steel is another reason to choose it for your bathroom stall hardware. It has a very distinct, polished look that creates a modern appeal. Your customers want their bathrooms to look as clean as possible, and stainless steel delivers that.

Plastic hardware can often degrade over time and take on a rough appearance. Stainless steel offers better durability, and simple metal polish can restore heavily neglected surfaces to like-new condition.

Stainless steel hardware is particularly important if you’re going with stainless steel stalls or partitions. You want a cohesive look, so choosing the same metal for your hardware is essential.

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January 4, 2023
Wayne Foreman

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