Bathroom Privacy: Improve your situation instantly with 9 simple ideas

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Privacy level is an essential factor to be considered when designing any bathroom. Bathrooms windows are the first step to provide privacy and to allow natural lighting through. However, without proper planning you’re making a bigger issue by pursing that fantastic lighting.

The most common problem is using huge windows that are plain, and are midway up the wall. Without the right tweaks and add-ons, this can violate your restroom privacy, leaving the insides exposed. Bathroom windows go a long way in creating privacy if they’re treated as needed.

Fortunately, there are several great ways to treat your windows to secure adequate privacy without compromising the enjoyable natural lighting.

Adding Privacy: Frost the Windows

Frosted window films are an affordable and simple way to add privacy to your bathroom. Depending on your taste, there is a huge range of beautiful designs available, making it a decorative as well as a practical solution. The patterns are computer cut and look like etched glass. The frosted region murk the view while still allowing sufficient amount of light to enter.

Select Textured Glass

Here, there is a combination of dimpled glass bricks and plain glass that replaces the traditional textured glass. The dimpled glazing optimizes privacy as the clear glazing ensure proper lightning.

Drape Curtains

It is not a popular option for a bathroom. However, if well designed, it can be a great solution to privacy issues. Choosing a light fabric that is moisture-resistant is great for any bathroom. Avoid silk because it can rot or anything that soaks quickly. Finally, pick a curtain that can easily be removed and washed.

Go Sheer

Sheer fabrics are good for curtain because they make a romantic integration to your bathroom. Sheer curtains filter strong sunlight while creating privacy and still letting a lot of light in.

 Roller Blind

You don’t want neighbors to know what brand of soap you use. Therefore, installing something that will obscure the inside view is essential. A discreet roller blind installed gingerly against the ceiling will provide the privacy when needed and can fold up neatly when not needed.

Start at the Bottom

Privacy doesn’t entail putting a blind across the entire window. Check how much covering you need, then hang a roller shade across the area and leave the upper region uncovered. This is a perfect solution for windows that are curved at the top.

Use Louver Blinds

Simple louver blinds offer good lighting, and even when open, offer a good degree of privacy. When the lights are on at night, just swivel them shut to ensure no one can see in.

Choose an Outdoor Screen

An outdoor screen is a creative design that protects the bather’s modesty, allows in light and also offers peeps of the outside world. A laser-cut screen on the outside or a slatted wooden screen would have a dappled effect.

Set Windows High

A blend of slot windows and skylights will allow plenty of light into a bathroom while also keeping wall space clear for a nice shower or bath, ideal in a small room. Any peeper will have to use a ladder to spy on you in the bathroom.

Privacy is something we all have rights to whether you identify as transgender or not. Implementing any of these window treatments as great home improvement will go a long way to ensure safe bathrooms while creating privacy.