Advantages of a Partitioned Bathroom Over Single-Occupant Bathrooms

Any business owner or commercial property owner will tell you that the bathrooms of any particular building could easily be deemed as one of the most important features in a public place. The simple fact of the matter is, without the proper restroom facilities, everything about a place of business and how it functions can be compromised.

However, there is always one question that business owners have about the restrooms in their building: will single-occupant bathrooms suffice or is a partitioned bathroom with multiple stalls necessary?

Take a look at some of the advantages that come along with a partitioned bathroom over a single-occupant bathroom in a business setting.

Partitioned bathrooms are family friendly

family friendly bathrooms

Consider certain types of visitors, such as the mother or father who shops in your store with their young children or the elderly individual who needs a little help using the restroom in your office.

If you only have a single-occupant restroom, it can make these types of situations uncomfortable for those using the facility. Partitioned bathrooms with multiple stalls and an open waiting area are much more family-friendly in their design.

Partitioned bathrooms better cater to employees customers, patients, or clients

If all you have is one bathroom available, it will mean anyone who pays a visit to the facility when nature calls could be left waiting in line to get in. For your employees, this can slow down production and productivity. With customers, this can mean that they simply leave when they need a restroom because they don’t want to wait.

With a partitioned bathroom with multiple stalls, your restroom has the capacity to cater to several individuals at one time, which is much more logical in a business setting. Furthermore, having multiple stalls can be a life saver should a plumbing issue arise that takes one toilet out of commission for a few hours or a day.

Partitioned bathrooms are easier to make accommodating for handicapped visitors

It is always a must that you be mindful of those with mobility issues at various points in your public building, including the restroom.

If all you have are single-occupant bathrooms, being mindful of those with mobility issues will mean you have to make a space that can cater to both typical customers and those in a wheelchair. With a partitioned bathroom, you can designate one single stall as the accessible one and give it features like a wider entrance and taller toilet.

What types of businesses could benefit most from partitioned bathrooms?

stainless steel toilet partitionsAfter seeing the advantages, it is easy to see that pretty much any public establishment that caters to more than just a handful of people on a daily basis could benefit from making the change from a single-occupant bathroom to a partitioned bathroom with multiple stalls. A few examples of those that would benefit the most include:

  • retail businesses
  • industrial tool rentals
  • medical offices and care facilities
  • educational centers
  • government offices that serve the public
  • recreational businesses, such as theaters and fitness centers
  • restaurants

Making the change from a single-occupant bathroom in your place of business to a partitioned restroom with multiple stalls is a huge step in the right direction. Make sure you take the time to get familiar with the multiple bathroom partition options available to make the best choice for your business.