9 Things You Didn’t Know About Commercial Bathrooms

It might be surprising but there is actually a lot that you need know about bathrooms if you’re a small business owner.

Restrooms make an impact

Aside from the from your storefront, your facilities restroom can have an outsized impact on your customer’s perception of your business. If your floors are sticky, your toilet partitions are improperly installed and you’re out of toilet paper it’s going to diminish their experience with your business.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind as you set up your bathroom for success.

  • You need to consider that “planned obsolesence” in your bathroom fixtures means that you may need to replace paper towel & soap dispensers.
  • Planned daily maintenance schedules for your workers can improve cleanliness
  • Regardless of wether you choose a hand dryer or paper towel, actually providing soap to wash their hands is the greatest way to help fight bacteria.
  • Adding a simple to maintain indoor plant can greatly improve your restroom’s air quality and ambiance.
  • Many men experience high levels of anxiety when using restrooms without proper(or any) urinal dividers.
  • You should consider anchoring your partitions into wood and not into drywall.
  • Poor bathroom conditions don’t just impact customers but also impact your employee morale.
  • You should know when to choose metal over plastic toilet partitions.
  • Churches, Schools, Public Venues, Bars & restaurants all use the SAME partitions, but people almost always search for them based on where they’re being installed.