4 Key Areas For Commercial Bathroom Design

With the numerous crucial details of developing a new business, designing an appealing commercial bathroom often gets overlooked. However, ensuring a thoroughly comfortable customer experience goes a long way in cultivating brand trust and loyalty. That experience starts with taking care of guests’ most basic needs: the restroom.

Whether it’s a mall, school, hospital or other commercial business, be sure to utilize safe, effective planning and know that it will shape visitor opinions. When evaluating the appeal and functionality of a commercial restroom, narrow your attention to four primary categories: sinks, flooring, lighting and accessories.


Out of everything in the bathroom, sinks are the most used and perform the greatest variety of tasks. Choosing the right sink can be really fun. There are numerous artistic designs that will lend a modern tone to any commercial restroom. Don’t be afraid to get creative with deeper square and oval shapes.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association provides a few steps to help in choosing the right sink. First assess how many sinks will be needed. This will help you decide the best overall layout. You can choose whether you want a dominant sink, varying sizes or a row of equal-capacity sinks. After you’ve selected the number and layout, it’s time to select the right material. Materials such as stainless steel, porcelain, gentle composite and natural stone each have pros and cons to consider. For example, stainless steel is durable and easy-to clean but scratches easily and shows water marks.

Once you’ve selected the best sink material for your needs, it’s time to choose sink accessories. Consider artistic faucets and mirrors. Check out design trends for modern styles. For example, researchers found that at an 80% usage rate, polished chrome is the fastest growing selection for bathroom faucets.


Tiled-floors are the most common for commercial restrooms as well as the easiest to clean. However, there’s still a great variety to choose from as far as color, size and design. You want to create a unique and gorgeous feel, and flooring is a huge part of that. Pebble tile flooring is becoming more popular. Not only is the material elegant, but it’s also quite affordable. Remember to ensure that the slip-resistant surfaces meet any state or local codes which may apply.


Choosing the right lighting system can really set the tone and create the right vibe. In addition to the structure style, it’s also important to choose a good level of illumination Remember adjustable lighting is always an option, which could be used to set an evening or daytime mood. While dimmer lighting may add an up-scale aura, remember to ensure adequate lighting in appropriate areas for task completion.


The additional smaller elements can be used to enhance functionality and to improve the aesthetic appeal in any industry restroom. When considering the accessories, think intricate flushing systems, hand dryer varieties and toilet paper holders. While you’ll want to create a design flow among the restroom elements, mixing and matching can lend elegance as well. Using a variety of accessories, you can add some pizzazz to an otherwise boring commercial bathroom.