3 Types Of People Affected By Bathroom Partitions

What is something that you look at for long periods of time but probably give no thought to? If you guessed bathroom partitions, then it’s only because you’re on this website because it’s the one thing that most people take for granted but has the opportunity to change the perspective of a company in pretty sneaky ways.

I say sneaky because no one ever thinks of partitions, but it’s part of human experience to have to sit there and stare at them. While a some scribbled naughty lines on a bathroom stall might cause us to giggle it often gives us a poor impression.

If you’ve ever been on a road trip, what’s the thing you pray for? Clean restrooms. It’s such a desire that even savvy business owners will often advertise that they have clean restrooms from billboards. Nothing says, “clean” like new (new bathroom partitions that is!). New bathroom partitions tell send a message, even if it’s subliminal that the bathroom is clean. It doesn’t matter whether your restuarant is in Davenport Florida on the way to Disney or if it’s in Orange County, California, new says “clean” to those that see it.

3 Types Of People Affected By Bathroom Partitions

People are in and out of the bathroom all day long, but there are 3 categories or types of people that tend use them the most. There are those special people whose first impression is very valuable, even more so over casual customers. These are your business associates and/or people you’re interviewing.

Then there is your employees and staff, followed closely by your customers. This list isn’t necessarily a priority list but rather just a grouping.

Business Associates (and Interviewees)

Business associates and interviewees arrive at your place of business with hopes of a new deal or new job. When these kind of people enter an office building for example, the first place they often go is the bathroom. Whether you’re a tenant or the landlord, that person is forming a first impression of your company in that restroom. Is it clean? How is it designed? Does it look like a truck stop or a spa?

Employees & Staff

If you’re a business owner, your employees are in and out of the restrooms all day. Looking at those partitions. Every time they go in, they are reminded of how upscale and clean (or not) the place is. We already mentioned how new bathroom partitions can make the place feel clean but did you know that they also come in different colors.

You can get specifically colored partitions that match your brand and give you a professional image. If professionally matched colors isn’t your style then choosing “soothing” color might make the bathroom feel more like a spa and less like a port-a-john.


Customers are in virtually every commercial space that will use the restroom. Unclean restrooms sends a message that the business might not care about other things. Like customer service. This is true in office building, retail space and even warehouse spaces.

With warranties of 5 years or more these partitions are an easy investment to give a better overall impression of your business to customers, employees and business associates alike.

It might be time to look at those old partitions as more than just an eye sore and start leveraging the power of having a clean, professional look!