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Renewable Power Potential Outshines Coal

renewables overtake coal

Renewable sources have been predicted to overtake coal in producing global electricity. According to the International Energy Agency, renewables will be generating 31% of electricity generated by 2025.

This prediction is a huge step towards solving climate change issues. The IEA’s report illustrates the rising use of renewables last year, which provided more than half of the global power capacity increase.

Pushing ahead of the curve as usual, China presents nearly 40% of this power expansion. They currently rank as the indisputable global leader for renewable energy growth, says IEA reports.

China has the world’s largest installation program for wind and solar energy with two turbines built every hour. To put that in perspective, that’s nearly doubling the turbine growth of their closest rival, the U.S.

solar energy in China

PHOTO: Wind Power Plants in Xinjian, China

The top growing renewable energy sources are wind, solar and hydro power. These resources present the most practical solution to fight global climate change.

The expanded capacity for renewable energy largely reflects the cost reductions of onshore wind and solar panels. These impressive reductions are would be considered “unthinkable just five years ago.”

What’s keeping these resources in the lead over coal is their power generating capacity. However, the actual percentage of electricity produced isn’t quite as impressive.

Though the developing usage of renewable energy sources is striking, they depend largely on the sunshine and the blowing winds. They’re intermittent sources, which inevitably leads to less generating capacity.

Despite such dependencies, wind and solar power are huge. The Executive Director of IEA, Fatih Birol, refers to development of renewables as a “transformation of global power markets.”

Use of renewable sources continues to grow and move towards emerging markets, says the IEA.

renewables around the world

PHOTO: Steam Rises from the Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Station in Iceland

Though coal is abundant and affordable, investment shares in coal and oil are falling back. Renewables are becoming even cheaper than coal.

According to IEA research, the declining cost trends for wind and solar power will continue. Countries around the world are catching on to environmental responsibility and renewable trends. It’s the increasing affordability makes it easier to jump onto this bandwagon.

The increasing affordability of renewables hugely impacts its capacity forecast. In addition to the financial incentive of renewable power sources, there is increasing government encouragement.

Many government agencies are creating further wallet appeal for clean power. The U.S. offers additional tax credits. Similarly, foreign policies in China, India and Mexico have adjusted to encourage clean power growth.

With attractive usage rates, wind and solar energy take center stage. Hydropower will continue growing in its capacity but most likely at a slower rate than before.


Looking to the future, IEA reports international goals for limiting climate change. Another huge ticket item on the global agenda is replacing fossil fuels for accelerated renewable penetration. Increasing the decarbonisation rates will boost power, transport and heat, while decreasing greenhouse gas waste products.

Carbon emissions can be reduced in two ways: on the supplier side or the consumption side. Energy suppliers could reduce CO2 output by moving away from fossil fuels and using more renewables. Consumers could either reduce consumption or utilize substitutions. An example of this would be biking to work instead of driving.

Coal energy generation has played a huge role in the global issue of harmful CO2 emissions and air pollution. The IEA believes foreign governments should put greater efforts into less polluting technologies. By embracing more efficient technologies, they can reduce the toxicity of coal use.

Why Fast Partitions Sells Top Bathroom Dividers In Miami, Fort Lauderdale

best restroom dividers

Throughout all four seasons, Miami rules as one of the most popular vacation hotspots. With beaches and numerous town attractions, people flock to Florida. The prime locale nightlife and shopping centers rake in profits all year round.

Miami and other popular cities like Denver, Panama and Fort Lauderdale support a diverse range of commercial construction projects. Conveniently suppling Florida’s growing needs, Fast Partitions sells the best bathroom dividers in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. With fast and free local delivery, you can’t go wrong.

quality toilet partitions


For schedule convenience and a happy wallet, Fast Partitions provides fast and free delivery. The FEDEX freight delivery works as a one streamlined network. FEDEX is regarded as the best international option for flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Using this option, we have great shipping rates and can get out partitions to your restaurant, school or office building quickly and efficiently.

In addition to stress-free delivery, Fast Partitions provides complete package deals on all partitions. This includes divider stalls, pilasters, doors, and all necessary installation hardware.

Local toilet partition deliveries extend to several other metro U.S. cities including ChicagoLos Angeles, Houston, NashvilleAtlantaSeattle, and New York. Whether a school, church, office space, retail or other commercial building, we’ll deliver.


Fast Partitions has developed affordable commercial bathroom urinal stalls. We provide instant partition solutions in three quality materials: plastic, metal and stainless steel.

The solid plastic toilet partitions feature a 25-year manufacturing warranty. They are highly resistant to scratches, impacts, dramatic temperature changes and rust. Never sacrificing style for quality, we produce the plastic urinal screens in 14 different colors.

The powder coated metal stall partitions offer the best industry value, featuring galvanized steel, rust resistance and a gleaming consistent finish. Common cleaning chemicals won’t stand a chance in messing with these dividers.

At the high end of urinal screens, we have produced stainless steel with a gleaming elegant finish. In addition to high-durability, this divider meets class A fire rating requirements, as well as environmental properties, providing LEED credit for exceptional recyclability.


If current toilet dividers are inadequate or nonexistent, you may unknowingly be submitting your customers to stage fright from the lack of privacy. This phenomenon can be described as nervousness before or during an appearance in front of public spectators. Men experience a high degree of exposure in public bathrooms. Without proper urinal stall dividers, you may severely damage the trust and loyalty of your customers.

For you and your customers’ peace of mind, confidence and esteem, order our high quality urinal screens and improve your customer’s bathroom experience. Our urinal dividers are made of durable, high quality materials and are graffiti resistant and easy to clean.

Following through with details will not only increase company morale but also will improve privacy, safety, happiness, and ultimately company sales. Your coworkers, team members and potential clients are likely to utilize the facilities. Save everyone’s rear end and buy quality toilet partitions.

3 Steps To Overcome Toilet Paper Overuse

remove overuse

Are you using too much toilet paper? Human hygiene practices are commonly considered private territory. However, when it comes to excessive toilet paper usage in a shared space, the issue requires public attention.

Using too much toilet paper can be costly and annoying to say the least. It may cause emergency runs in the middle of a work day, consistent roll replacement or repeated unnecessary unclogging. If your commercial workspace or business has ever experienced any of these uncomfortable obstacles, here are a few tips for improving the situation.


Consider the number of people with consistent access and compare that with the roll replacement timeline. It’s always important to analyze the problem first. Compare numbers with similarly-sized commercial buildings owners to determine crises severity in your business restrooms.

Frequent emergency runs effect working hours. If you’re supplying your office, then someone would have to waste valuable work time to solve this unnecessary problem. If you’re supplying toilet paper to customers, then the situation would become an embarrassing one. Avoid these situations by staying ahead of the came with your restroom stock supply.

This is another great way to assess potential overuse. Many toilets are sensitive to excessive sheet usage. This can become an annoying problem. Help the situation by placing accessible waste bins. Whether it’s too much TP or other waste materials, a clogged toilet is not a fun problem. Consider implementing small signs acceptable and unacceptable flushing items.



There are many ways to give a hint without seeming too personal. You may not want to give a public announcement or blast a company email. Greeting customers with a list bathroom rules is a bad plan too. Using neat or funny signs are great ways to get your point across.

A simple, clear document is often the best way to get the point across. It’s direct yet indirect. Facility users will get the point. Maybe you’ll want to give guests a helpful point of reference. A good rule of thumb for toilet paper usage is 4-5 squares of medium-quality or 2-ply tissue paper. Any more than this for a single use becomes a bit wasteful and unnecessary.

Add some humor for a smoother delivery. Perhaps you want to encourage customers and co-workers to use restraint. But you don’t want to come across as being cheap or awkward about personal problems. Overstep these concerns with humor. Here’s a good example of clever restroom communication: “Please flush the toilet when you are done. Failure to do so may cause a buildup that will throw the earth out of orbit and plunge us into the sun.”

Stop TP Overuse


When you buy toilet paper, you’re literally spending money to be flushed down the drain. Understanding the cash equivalent will help when considering how much is necessary. Most people will use way too much regardless of the quality. Either you can respond to this by supplying cheaper rolls or fight it by placing instructive signs.

Consider the quality of toilet paper you are purchasing. A good rule of thumb is to shoot for medium-quality, 2 ply paper. This works well with the usage rule of thumb and is reasonably priced. Another option is to place boxes of baby wipes in each bathroom stall. When things get messy these handy wipes will do the job much better than handfuls of toilet paper. They’re designed for bigger messes than regular toilet paper.

Renewable Energy Triumphs Using Wind, Solar Energy Spread Globally

renewable energy

On Planet Earth there are numerous resources we have learned to utilize to enhance our work and private lives. Through the work of brilliant inventors and engineers, our cities come alive day and night powered by reliable electricity. From the cars we drive to the light bulbs that illuminate our desktop, we steadily use the planets’ natural resources without giving much thought to the power source.

But in recent years, in addition to our increasing usage of these resources and supplied power, there comes our greater awareness of their limitations.

Today, with the societal emphasis on greater sustainability in all areas of our lives, environmentalists and technicians eagerly search for renewable energy sources. Options like hydropower, solar power, wind energy and geothermal plants are being tested around the world… the good news is, with increasing success, worth noticing.

Here are some good news stories to share about renewable energy successes around the world:

In Costa Rica

Perhaps one of the “brightest examples,” Costa Rica has managed to use 100% renewable energy for 76 days straight. This was the second test-run of its length this year, which adds up to over 150 renewable energy days. Being a smaller country, Costa Rica is the perfect testing grounds for replacements energy sources. The length of their renewal is astounding.

Throughout the project, the Costa Rican government depended on these primary replacements:

renewable energy

In Portugal

The Portuguese quest for clean energy has hit some milestones of its own. Recently they managed to run four days straight using only renewable energy sources. For an entire 107 hours, the small country of Portugal was sustained by wind and solar power. This 4-day streak was merely the peak of their increasingly-promising clean power journey. Last year wind energy made up 22% of the electricity needs. Overall renewable sources provided 48% of their total energy needs. Zero harmful emission release is the goal.

In Spain

If you’ve ever visited the colorful lands of Spain, you’ll soon learn that power is expensive. Their lack of natural resource blessings such as oil, gas or coal has spurred them forward in their renewable energy development. With this additional motivation, Spain has become known as the “Cradle of Renewable Energy.”

During the night time, wind energy fulfills 70% of Spain’s electricity needs, with a daytime record of 54%. Over 29 millions of Spanish homes are currently powered by wind energy. However, wind energy is unpredictable, which makes forecasting key to sustainable clean energy. The Spanish firm Acciona consistently monitors 9,500 wind turbines at the Pamplona control center.

In The United Kingdom  

Over in the United Kingdom, political figures and renewable energy industry leaders are hard at work to find sustainable clean energy solutions. In what has been described as a “historical turning point,” the UK was able to drop their coal-fired electricity to zero. Though it only last 12 and half hours, they’re making progress in the right direction.

Researchers have seen some big changes in solar power and wind energy usage. Though wind energy may experience a brief halt in its skyrocketing usage, solar energy is looking at some increased funding.

The government has decided to halt the spread of onshore windfarms, primarily because of how expensive it was becoming. Experts predict at least a 1 gigawatt (enough to light up 660,000 homes) loss in renewable energy generation within the next five years. After the ground-breaking investment in wind energy last year, several proposed construction projects will come to a halt.

Investment in solar power, on the other hand, has slowly but surely been increasing. Perhaps with the coming drop in government wind energy subsidies, the renewable energy finances will be redirected to solar funding.

In Germany  

The German quest for renewable energy has recently gained momentum. According to the Agora Energiewende think tank, Germany was able to supply nearly 100% of their energy needs with renewable sources for an entire day. Conventional power plants were able to supply 7.7 gigawatts at their energy peak. As they phase out nuclear and fossil fuels, Germany’s clean power drive narrows in on solar and wind power.

In China

Never a country to miss out on significant global trends, China has taken its own stock in renewable energy resources. Aware of the need to combat climate change, China sets up new wind turbines at the astonishing rate of two every hour. According to the International Energy Agency, onshore wind and solar panels have increasingly reduced in costs. The IEA reported this decline as impressive, and they expect it to continue. With cheap renewable energy options, the clean power usage trend will continue to take off.


The damaging effects of current levels of carbon dioxide emissions and the awareness of ever-limited resources are being felt around the world. The need for a better way to generate energy is clear. Given the recent trends of success, in a growing number of countries, solar and wind energy power sources are not going away any time soon. These renewable resources are the forecasted “superheroes” for continued (and significant) reduction in dangerous carbon emissions, energy source and supply security on a global scale. That’s the good news for today.



Bathroom Bloopers: You Had One Job

bathroom bloopers

Bathrooms can be intense, especially in commercial businesses. There is a series of stalls with minimal spacial privacy and even less noise isolation. The plastic, metal or steel stall dividers have one job: protect users from onlookers.

However, when you don’t take time to install them properly… bad things happen. Whether it was a first-time operation, the measuring stick was a bit off, or the installer was in a bit of a rush, the result is still the same: Mission Incomplete. Here are a few examples of such failures:

bathroom bloopers


If you’re like most men, I’m sure you typically head to the bathroom in pairs. You ask your buddy at the restaurant if he also needs a bathroom break. Then you skip hand in hand to the facility. At this point, you’re both more than delighted to see a duo urinal corner, right?

Wrong. Unlike most women who enjoy chatting and sharing make-up tips in the restroom, men commonly prefer to make this visit alone. Perhaps this handyman has a skewed view of the male population. Or maybe this project wasn’t well thought out. Regardless of the causation, this photo is real. While these two urinals will never serve the dual usage for which may have been intended, they do provide excellent entertainment value.

bathroom bloopers


When you look at this photo, the childhood game “peak-a-boo” may come to mind. While it’s all well and good for 5-year-olds to goof off, adults may not feel the same when it comes to their restroom privacy. While the image is comedic, its actuality will cause numerous issues for the business owner. This stall failure is a peeping tom paradise.

bathroom bloopers


Hopefully all of the visitors are of a slender build, or else they’re not fitting here. Aside from the obvious issue of a toilet paper stopper, just imagine how tiny this potty space must be. There are two ways to view this image. Either it’s the result of measuring error or perhaps the designer wishes to engage users in a jig-saw puzzle. In this scenario, each guest gets the privilege of problem solving.

bathroom bloopers


When it comes to selling a product or service, customer service is key. Many business tycoons will often use the phrase, “Customer is King.” Establishing good report and loyalty with your guests begins with properly caring for their most basic needs.

This facility manager must not have gotten the memo. This prison-like scenario could be avoided with some excellent toilet partitions. Fast Partitions has developed affordable commercial bathroom stalls. We provide instantaneous divider solutions in three quality materials: plastic, metal and stainless steel.
For schedule convenience and a happy wallet, Fast Partitions provides fast and free delivery. In addition to stress-free local delivery, we provide complete package deals on all partitions. This includes divider stalls, pilasters, doors, and all necessary installation hardware.

bathroom bloopers


There should be a stall here. Following through with details will not only increase environment morale but also will improve privacy, safety, happiness, and ultimately company sales. Your coworkers, team members and potential clients are likely to utilize the facilities. Save everyone’s rear end and buy quality toilet partitions.